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Everything posted by Eiv-A

  1. Coming back to Echo from mono this coming tuesday, and looking to buy some items. Ochre Dofus Allister's crown, overall good stats w/ mp or ap exo Allister's ring, overall good stats w/ mp or ap exo Allister's boots, near perfect stats w/ vit overmage Jammy Jack set, perfect stats Staruman belt, perfect stats Dark Court Shovel, perfect stats Cubist's Shield, perfect stats Post here or pm me on imps, not active IG till tuesday. Not sure on prices, let me know what you want for your items, and we'll take it from there.
  2. Hey! Thinking of going back to Echo with a goal of reaching a high achievement score. Which duo team would be good for that purpose?
  3. Hey! Looking for a team for the quest for the bird of time. My cra is coming over from mono server this coming tuesday, would be cool if I had a team to do the bird sometime next week
  4. Yeah, sadidas got plenty of mp reduction spells. Was thinking of going for http://dofp.la/Ysr3I/ for sadi, not yet sure which set for Cra though
  5. Was thinking of doing omni cra + agi sadi, seems to be ok, thoughts on that?
  6. Close pls, ended up maging a nomarow ring.
  7. Looking to buy an AP maged Nomarow's ring, or Buck Anear's Hook. Price depends on the quality of the ring. Buck ring price range 3,5~6m Nomarow's ring 12~16m Pm me in game, or leave me a pm on imps. IGN: Eiv
  8. I play on Dramak, and the english community isn't bad, I would recommend it. However, I have no idea how big the EN community is on the other mono servers.
  9. Personallly, I prefer agi/int over agi/cha. Cra with nomarrow is still my top choice of character, I'd suggest looking into it
  10. This is actually still a thing o.o same guy even
  11. Bump! Highly reccommend trying out the heroic server, it's a whole different experience than the regular servers! I myself find it entertaining due to the risk. If you do decide to play with us, I can guarantee you you'll have a good time =D
  12. Hey! As title says, I'm looking for people to play with. I currently play a 112 wis feca, and a 114 gearless iop(untill I manage to make money for a set). I do have a set ready for my feca when he's lvl 128, so I can leech my own chars in jelly dung =) Would really like to join an english speaking guild/alliance. I don't use teamspeak atm, but if required, I'll defo download it. Please send me a msg here on imps, or comment on this thread =D
  13. Hey! I still play yes, would love to join your guild if you'll let me. When can I catch you on?
  14. Hello, looking for the best solo pvm setup for a lvl 114 iop, any tips? What would be most viable? Sort of a low budget build, where wisdom doesn't play a huge role.
  15. Awesome! Ima get right back into it x) It's really within my comfort zone
  16. Can you do rats as a sadida on this server? :D