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  1. Personallly, I prefer agi/int over agi/cha. Cra with nomarrow is still my top choice of character, I'd suggest looking into it
  2. This is actually still a thing o.o same guy even
  3. Bump! Highly reccommend trying out the heroic server, it's a whole different experience than the regular servers! I myself find it entertaining due to the risk. If you do decide to play with us, I can guarantee you you'll have a good time =D
  4. Hey! I still play yes, would love to join your guild if you'll let me. When can I catch you on?
  5. Hello, looking for the best solo pvm setup for a lvl 114 iop, any tips? What would be most viable? Sort of a low budget build, where wisdom doesn't play a huge role.
  6. Awesome! Ima get right back into it x) It's really within my comfort zone
  7. Can you do rats as a sadida on this server? :D
  8. Hey! As title says, I'm looking for people to play with. I currently play a 112 wis feca, and a 114 gearless iop(untill I manage to make money for a set). I do have a set ready for my feca when he's lvl 128, so I can leech my own chars in jelly dung =) Would really like to join an english speaking guild/alliance. I don't use teamspeak atm, but if required, I'll defo download it. Please send me a msg here on imps, or comment on this thread =D