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  1. Buying Abyssal dofus paying 50m Pm ingame : Veis
  2. Is it just me or you didn't explain really good how he scammed your friend. Tried reading it few times but it's a bit unclear.
  3. I think you forgot to put Persona on the list he is probably going to 🅱 lay 🅱 est 🅱 asqraider on the server, so if you are looking for a good masq 🅱 etter hit him up.
  4. såldeded ples klose
  5. bamp
  6. bamp
  7. Bump
  8. Im a mad person, shut up and do it yourself bish
  9. Willing to sell my croum with toucan mimi on it. Current price: 12m Can negotiate a bit. IGN: Veis
  10. Only 93 tries kek
  11. Selling these baleenaboots (Range exo). IGN: Epne/Veis Price: Looking to get around 22MK, can negotiate a bit. Im usually online after 17:00 every day ( Swedish time ).
  12. IGN: Its-machine Kideebonnet: 13.5m in markets can negotiate a bit. Vigilante cape: 11.5 in markets can negotiate a bit.