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  1. Hellburn helped me out, highly appreciated! Can be closed
  2. Looking for someone with a team that can help me pass this mini dungeon, can pay if needed, also i have keys for all chars that are coming. Pm ingame: Veis
  3. Hello everyone, currently at Qu'Tan's Ascent ( Bonta lvl 86 quest ) at the step where you have to do the mini dungeon. Looking for someone with a team to help me or leech me thru it, willing to pay if needed. Pm ingame: Veis
  4. Thanks a lot buddy!
  5. Today i got lvl 80 alignment and i noticed there isn't any questline help on tofus.fr or dofus wiki so im wondering if anyone made one on here or some other site that could be usefull.
  6. Then go get a job
  7. There are few mechants around village zaap that are selling for 60m
  8. Will be easier to get help if you show tits or send nudes, just some tips.
  9. What sad story, now you only have another 19 chars FeelsBadMan
  10. soldeded for 1337mk, close pls
  11. Bump, can negotiate h e h e
  12. Selling Clowndy dofus Price: 62mk IGN: Veis
  13. Theres counter for every class if you look from that perspective, choose the class you like the most. Cra is good both for pvp/pvm same goes for eni/elio/panda.