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  1. I also have serious problems with lags. And I'm from Belgium, so don't think it's related to EU vs non-EU. What often happens to me is that it will freeze for 30 sec tot a minute and then everything will happen at once. When doing /ping I have gotten pings from ~30K-100K which is absolutely insane... Not to mention constant disconnects... I would run two accounts perfectly fine on high quality - now I can barely run one on the lowest settings..
  2. scammers be loving this -.-'
  3. Watcher's quest line - first time for me doing these quests, this came as quite a surprise...
  4. Looks really good, I especially like the way she drew his hands! ^^ Keep up the nice work!
  5. Kidibom!
  6. Aha I just thought it was funny ^^ Wasn't intending to be mean :D
  7. Didn't know eni threesomes where a thing
  8. Emotes made me giggle
  9. @ Extreal: thanks for the list! :D @ SamTheKing: Thanks, that is exactly what I was searching for! :D
  10. Hey there, not sure where to post this, but thought it would be fine here. I was wondering what items all adopt your characters colors, such as the class set items. Is there a list available somewhere, or how can I find these easily? Secondly, is there somewhere you can preview your character together with equips? So for instance I could adjust colors + add these items that adopt my characters color. Thanks!
  11. Don't be such a party pooper! Gz man! I'd be happy too! :D
  12. Update Still looking for 18 Viring Shell, increasing price to 40kk per!
  13. "Rosal is dead" they said
  14. Still looking for 18x Viring shell 8x Whale salt
  15. As the title states I am buying viring shells, verminoculate eyes and whale salts 34x Viring shell @30kk (approx. 1mk for the lot) 32x Verminoculate eye @40kk each (1.3 mk for the lot) 8x Whale salt @ 60kk each (480kk for the lot) You can contact me here in this thread, by PM or in-game (Futoi) Cheers!