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  1. @Gravestorm thanks for sharing the pics, sidimote looks really nice, and new ornament especially looks sweet af
  2. I also have serious problems with lags. And I'm from Belgium, so don't think it's related to EU vs non-EU. What often happens to me is that it will freeze for 30 sec tot a minute and then everything will happen at once. When doing /ping I have gotten pings from ~30K-100K which is absolutely insane... Not to mention constant disconnects... I would run two accounts perfectly fine on high quality - now I can barely run one on the lowest settings..
  3. scammers be loving this -.-'
  4. Watcher's quest line - first time for me doing these quests, this came as quite a surprise...
  5. Looks really good, I especially like the way she drew his hands! ^^ Keep up the nice work!
  6. Kidibom!
  7. Aha I just thought it was funny ^^ Wasn't intending to be mean :D
  8. Didn't know eni threesomes where a thing
  9. Emotes made me giggle
  10. @ Extreal: thanks for the list! :D @ SamTheKing: Thanks, that is exactly what I was searching for! :D
  11. Hey there, not sure where to post this, but thought it would be fine here. I was wondering what items all adopt your characters colors, such as the class set items. Is there a list available somewhere, or how can I find these easily? Secondly, is there somewhere you can preview your character together with equips? So for instance I could adjust colors + add these items that adopt my characters color. Thanks!
  12. Don't be such a party pooper! Gz man! I'd be happy too! :D
  13. Update Still looking for 18 Viring Shell, increasing price to 40kk per!
  14. "Rosal is dead" they said
  15. Still looking for 18x Viring shell 8x Whale salt