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  1. nice! at first step i need learn more about game mechanic, what i only want? just make a 1,5mk per 7 days..thats only what i need! :D ,
  2. So, playing a 4-5 you must a spent alot of time to make a quest's at all of characters ye? Still looking for some tips to getting more kamas for a planned gears. Make a more acc or?
  3. Hi, I'm new on Dofus so Hello everyone! I playing around 6 months a fogg. Playing always solo. Now im at 15X lv! Rushu i comin..!! :D
  4. Hey! It's my first post so hey everyone. I'm a solo accounter from 1 to 16X and now i think to make a new character. In my opinion it;s willbe good decision because if i want a buy better EQ/Trophies/Scroll something i need a lot's of mats/kamas. Im new player (play like 6 months) so i dont know many tactics to collect kamas but i wanna heard some solutions to stay a solo player.