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  1. Yeah I have sent a ticket to Amakna Support. Just wasted all my kamas because of duplicate buying ogrines because of this stupid error message. Hopefully they will do something.
  2. Have anyone of you experience of buying duplicate ogrines because of this message? Any Mod can explain this issue ?
  3. I don't usually care about how much tips people willing to pay when they asking for a craft, but please do not expect a free craft. Yet your man condemned me for being late to workshop and he said he waited for more than 10 mins which is obviously a lie. Please teach your boy some manner when need someone for help. He even flamed me by asking me to go and learn English and not joining any alliance. He ignored me and it didn't work out, my alts are always ready. I am from Just Do It and I do not need any prism leech like this cunt do.
  4. SIC from guild Veritas & Cygni please contact me for an issue where your people seriously offended me.
  5. Hopefully there's a buff on xelor ^^
  6. Its alright if some spells do not help, but it shouldn't making us to lose in a fight.
  7. oh i think i misread your comment. But I know what AI is.
  8. it doesnt sound any difference tbh
  9. I am not rely on using coney in fight for sure, it is just a bonus. If the spells doesn't help, why it would be exist then? Yes AI revamp means reset the way Coney move.
  10. your revamp means that Coney should be revamped to be controllable by summoner? this make sense
  11. Well I fed up of coney because it screwed my Catseye fight where I was doing a challenge and limpwrist achievement. In my personal view, I would suggest two options: 1) Changing Summoning of Coney spell to some other spell either healing or offensive one, it doesnt matter. 2) AI it to be running away from enemies instead of approaching them, if you have an eni you will understand what I am saying.
  12. Okay here's the thing. Anyone of you got screwed in dungeon because of your Coney running around and cause the whole map manipulation changed and you eventually lost the fight. Especially when you are in a dimensional dungeon and you almost done it but coney just screw you up. Okay heres my fucking suggestion, let us control our own summon and not only osa can control theirs. Dont tell me it is unfair whereas Osa's summons are offensive and Coney is just little piece of shit.
  13. Waw I have never seen this pet before. :O
  14. I thought this guy is a bot, he kept asking people for subbing his Youtube channel in trade chat. Now he messed with TA again. LUL
  15. [02:07] Achievement unlocked: [Dreaming of Another World] [02:07] Zech has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. [02:07] Zechmolester has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. [02:07] Zechmoisture has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World].