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  1. Only xelor players understand the real situation in fight. xD Hope Amakna will take this as a consideration. LOLOL I didn't know Osa's difficulty is only one star.
  2. I have been playing xelors for years but I am familiar with the spells work, but not good as Sapeuh. I just felt that Xelors need a bit of rebalancing, rather buff up teammates with damage in different spells, or ap buff. For example, if you put someone in telefrag with Frostbite, you will get AP buff, if you use Xelor Punch, then damage buff. Well, its just a suggestion, nothing harm.
  3. First of all, I am a veteran Xelor player since 2008, from the day I began my Xelor journey, I never look back. Beforehand, I am really glad that Amakna ha revamped the gameplay of Xelor since they are not being highlighted since ever, they comes out with telefrag stuff and made Xels fun to play once again. Unfortunate, Amakna has been nerfing Xels in almost every big update, either big changes or minor one, because people were saying Xels are fcking op or something, and yet they nerf it. Well, I bet most of the players out there will never know how difficult it is, when Xels synergize in Pvm content, especially quest fight. And yet, due to difficulty gameplay of Xel, there are getting lesser people who willing to learn and understand how Xels work. If you don't know whats about Xel, will slightly tell you here. Advantages about Xelors 1) Deal huge damage 2) Positioning 3) Mobility Disadvantages 1) A class that never has buff spells. (except for the AP buff) 2) A class that never has an erosion spell. 3) A class that never has pushback spell. 4) You will have to spend more time in thinking what move to make in fight. Well, I am not saying xelors are not strong, but yet the power of xelors seem to be minimized over and over again. Xelors are pretty weak in against bunch of monsters, and they deserved to be credited more!
  4. Tal Kasha 6 loots is do-able now
  5. i cant upload the photo because it is larger than 2mb
  6. Ok this time, when i log in there will be one amakna theft stuff came out and stuck it there, good job amakna. I am real done with this game.
  7. I restarted the updater and even worse. 3 of 4 cant log in.
  8. I am pretty sure my internet is working pretty well, and this picture basically describe everything. I tried to log in my 4 accounts but somehow only 2 of them able to access into game but the other 2 is stuck at logging screen, I had wait for 1 hours+ and nothing happened. I have restarted my laptop couple times and cleared Dofus cache but it still remain uncured.
  9. I have some for sale but i am sure not x15. Pm me ingame.
  10. I am buying x5 Harpo Eyes, leave your offer here or pm me directly in game. Zechmeister.
  11. New bug occurred! It happened on middle of my count/sylargh fight :p
  12. I am wondering whether you guys are having huge lags and glitches in game and might having undesirable gaming experience as I do. Let's sightly talk about it. 1) Multi-logging glitches ---> When I launched Dofus client, I would press Ctrl + Number of clients, let's take 4 as an example. One of the clients is unable to load into the game. 2) Heavy lags in game ---> You guys might have doubt which region I am playing in, I am from Malaysia, which is part of South East Asia. I am having 300-400 ping constantly all the time but it's still okay for me. I play 4 characters all the time. Recently, I am having a weird incident during a fight where one of my client would lag at middle of the fight, when I say something on chat, it will lapse x2 quicker and it happen, happen and happen continuously on all my characters. 3) Connection drops out ---> When I go inactive for a period, one or two of my characters will surely drop out from the connection while the rest are still online. 4) Connection port ---> I wanna ask what is this connection port matter of? What's the difference between 5555 and 443. So, I hope Amakna can do something on these and my voice can help other people regarding of lag issue. Thanks and peace out!
  13. Anyone here is facing same problem as I do?
  14. How much for Ochre Dofus?
  15. Xelor's nerf is not the thing that I wish for, but hopefully they will bring back true power of xelor soon.