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  1. Most of the time i want to see if i failed the achievement, not something to remind me to not fail it. For example a week ago i did bethel zombie. One of the monsters mp raped me without noticing and i thought i failed zombie since i had only 4mp after i used my mp instead of 5. Luckily i didn't quit and got my achievement but if i quit i would have lost the battle and bethel zombie is definitely not an easy achievement as it took me a lot of time to do it.
  2. A lot harder than it is supposed to be lol..
  3. There is not much strategy in put the portal and blitz either... eliotrope spells do 1000+ damage on 30% res while the eliotrope got good 35% res... Is THAT strategic?
  4. [17:22] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Bethel Akarna (Zombie)] I tried to screen but i was so happy so i assume i clicked delete instead of printscreen :X. Anyways 4loot, panda/sram/masq/fog in this ini order. Took about 25 tries including figuring out how to star the battle and my first 2 turns which were the same every time.
  5. I was bored so i decided to do versatile+idol score in one run but i ended up doing focus too by coincidence. I hate ultraam!
  6. My biggest pvp achievement that i will ever accomplish! As we can all see i'm not only a pvm machine, i rock the traps in pvp too! :D
  7. 100% dungeon achievements :) Big thank you to Vendline for the screen because i forgot to do it myself. Big thanks to everyone who helped me, i won't say any names because... They know that they helped me a lot and i appreciate it a lot! Big thanks to Fravanlan in advance for helping me finish breeding achievements for 100% overall! :D
  8. Yea it is called lazyness :( Sadly people don't spend money for finding cure for it :/
  9. My ivory dofus too :) NEVER going to even think about doing the alignment quests on my alts for more of these... NEVER (yea i posted this in order to show off that i did the alignment quests.. Yaaay top 3 hardest achievement ever for me.. No kidding.
  10. Proto'zorror idol score. Who needs elio or cra when you have me, right frav? :P
  11. I'm very proud of this achievement, one of the achievements that isn't too easy after update.
  12. At last i scored too, my first cloudy ever (after almost 2 years of hard work). All that thanks to Fravanlan, Vendline and Vandal-Savage!!
  13. vortex trio 1st try! Joke AF!! Only impertinence and idol score left <3.
  14. Vortex focus...+double chall :P I'M BACK GAME!!!
  15. Just saying.. the quest first after the dung was harder than the dungeon itself...