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  1. Channel chats can always be out of character. As for your other concerns - I've never been one to be the "fun police", although you are right in that some RPers do take that stance.
  2. I know that the French community had some roleplayers, which sparked the existence of some sorta mercenary faction. Any english speakers interested in roleplay? Or am I hunting unicorns?
  3. Not the greatest stats, but it's cheap. Asking 8.8m. Is available in tailor's market.
  4. Unless something changed recently, It's the third set piece that invalidates nomad/shaker. Can still wear two pieces.
  5. Barley sat against a tree - exhausted, sweaty, and covered with grime. She'd crawled through a small drainage hole in the cellar, which had opened up to a lake surrounding a tiny island. As she caught her breath, an animated skeleton rushed her, standing over her with brandished blade. Barley curled up, awaiting her fate, when a sword appeared seemingly from the heavens, reducing the skeleton to a pile of bones. "Are you alright?" came a voice. Barley opened her eyes to see a woman standing before her. Though she appeared to be healthy, her waist-length hair was a pale green. She wore a black tunic with a purple cross that ran the length of it - a disciple of Iop, and a mighty one at that. "Where's my mum," Barley asked, hoping to find some way - any way - back home. The Iop shook her head softly. "I can't help you find your mother," she said, "But I can help you find a home." She offered Barley a hand, and soon they were on their way to Bonta.
  6. P I N E N U T S I I N N E E N N U U T T S S Bonus pic
  7. Having at last harvested the loins of the gobballs, Wool carefully sheared the hairs from them to sell at market. Free enterprise at its finest. Enjoy your milk, Santa.
  8. Some of the enu nerfs have been reverted, I wouldn't write them off entirely. Barring that, I recommend sadida as they have enormous MP reduction. Best of luck to you o/
  9. Side note: Wasn't planning to bring Griselda back, but I was given an in-game offer I can't refuse. Cheers \o Griselda came to several hours later, finding her wounds bandaged and the bandits lying dead beside her. Arrows protruded from their chests, they had been shot through the heart. "And I'm to blame," said a dark cra with eyes of ice. He sat beside her with a pack of medicinal herbs. "Name's Glass," he said, "Parting Glass." Griselda nodded weakly, still badly out of sorts from the blood loss. She did manage, however, to inquire after her daughter. Glass' eyes widened, he looked over to the house - or rather the burnt remains of it. Griselda followed his gaze, let out a wail. "My girl!" she said, tears wetting her cheeks. The thunder of Dragoturkeys could be heard - they were coming, and in number. "We need to get out of here," Glass said, and hoisted Griselda onto the back of his seemyool. They rode hard, leaving the farmlands far behind them. In the cellar, a small whimper could be heard.
  10. Bump for price slash, location change. [-3, 0] Now with screenshot!
  11. Woah the zato nostalgia. Tisrok was co-lead of the first guild I joined in Dofus. *.*
  12. Fun guild, good people, would recommend 10/10. :)
  13. Selling a bunch of stuff - a Lumino, high level earth gear, some cosmetic items, major trophies. All under market average. Map is one left, one down from village zaap.
  14. After about a year's break, am getting ready to jump back in. Single account servers have caught my interest, as well as the spell rework coming up in December. Will probably be rolling a new char on Ilyzaelle, since it seems to have the most English speakers. Hope to see some of you folks in game.
  15. Outside of my skill set, unfortunately. :(