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  1. Selling these items, stats aren't anything amazing. PM Sarah-Kerrigan in game for offers or check the markets since they are there. EDIT: All Sold.
  2. I highly recommend Epical's service. Got my x1 Enu 180-200 quickly with a lot of communication. Great service overall!
  3. PM your offers to Sarah-Kerrigan in game. Stats can be other than shown below but I'll have to see them myself to make that choice. Inky 330/350 vit 66/70 str 67/70 int 30/40 wis 3/3 crit 1/1 range 8/10 damage 10/10 all res Bearbaric Band 1 AP 240/250 vit 54/60 str 56/60 int 35/40 wis 4/4 crit 11/12 all damage 5/8 heal 0/10 pp 7/7 both res 4/5 lock Edit: Bought both.
  4. Really good job, will start using this mainly now. The sites layout is so clean and the clue pictures are clear. Really impressed!
  5. Nice! Really looking forward to it!
  6. I'm looking to get my full wis Enu that is x1 leeched from 178 to 200. I will pay for the service so PM me or comment your prices if I'm not online. I have access on frig up to snow. IGN: Sarah-Kerrigan
  7. I never even used it. Bought it for my brother since he didn't have enough money to buy it but he didn't end up needing it so I'll just sell it.
  8. Looking for around 11mk. Pm me if interested, Sarah-Kerrigan