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  1. also buying 40 ilyzaelle feathers for 200kk ea message me at donald-trump
  2. looking to buy 1 aspen sap, will pay 5mil, message me ingame at donald-trump
  3. bought, close thanks
  4. looking to buy 4 basalt , 1.2m each , contact me ingame at Donald-Trump
  5. looking to buy aspen sap and puffed frosteez, need 2 of each, willing to pay 5m ea message me ingame at Donald-Trump
  6. " Class spells that remove MP now have a maximum cumulative limit. It will therefore no longer be possible to exceed their limit per turn by having several same classes in the same fight. This change only affects fights that include multiple same classes on the same team. " First u make explosion arrow global cd -> class change 7 cras, now u make all mp reduc spells global? u guys are fking dumb. How about u make all spells global cd so u cant use double classes at all, way to ruin your own game.
  7. No more restrictions like that, people already bypass the 1 acc per perc/prism by multilogging
  8. beta Brumen dung to strong pls nerf, i cant 508 this
  9. $
  10. you the mvp
  11. Can someone screen all recipes for new items and put here, thank you.
  12. can u screenshot the recipes for the 200+ items
  13. wtf did u get access to beta, keeps kicking me out
  14. Buy Ochre dofus 34 m, message ingame at Donald-Trump