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  1. Ye looks like they are the same :P
  2. The global recovery interval is removed. Explosive arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. nice meme
  3. :(
  4. Lul nice alliance bulletin Thesus #totallynotusingVPN
  5. Clutch fight, 1 char turn before chall would fail
  6. I got the best costume, everyone knows it, tremendous
  7. sadi good for 508 can confirm, also bring back old dolls
  8. A option to teleport to the group leader pokemon repel potion so u dont get aggroed by mobs wherever u go
  9. also buying 40 ilyzaelle feathers for 200kk ea message me at donald-trump
  10. looking to buy 1 aspen sap, will pay 5mil, message me ingame at donald-trump
  11. bought, close thanks