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  1. Bye

    Bye Alz good luck with everything
  2. Not the best way to start off the new year, logged on to one of my accounts stripped of all its items and kamas, remember to activate your ankashield people.
  3. nice almanax
  4. looking to buy 7 ancient ohwymi costumes 5.5m ea msg me ingame @donald-trump
  5. Close bought
  6. Top chall top map top mob papa bless
  7. What monsters? and what mp reduction spells
  8. Hello looking to buy 323 000 ogrines at 825k/ea offer is up at kama exchange
  9. oh btw nice new underwater mobs, gets 2 mp every turn, goes invis, places ranged traps, reflects dmg. Couldnt u have thought about something more annoying
  10. Oh you wanna join rest of your team in that fight? well fk you i'm going to aggro you on 2 other mobs. And they dont even have the decency to put a zaap in this joke of an area
  11. Whoever thought this new aggro system was a good idea can go neck themselves, u cant even load new map on all chars before u get aggroed just by switching map, seriously fuck off
  12. Ye looks like they are the same :P
  13. The global recovery interval is removed. Explosive arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. nice meme
  14. :(