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  1. maybe they meant the normal mob challenge achievement, so they didn't have to do both in the dungeon.
  2. Does anyone know if Kerubaby pets really go to 2000 pods? Wiki and dofus website say they do, but I've upgraded their abilities and they seem to be stuck on 1100 pods, which is in line with pretty much every other pet improvement ratio.
  3. Hey, it was successfully opened. Thank you to everyone who came. Congratulations to Colombo-II who won the lottery http://imgur.com/a/RhmP9
  4. Beginning soon. Every char standing on a tile when it opens goes into a draw for 1mk. So do come along. Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone. New time for opening is 1:00 Dofus Time tomorrow (Saturday the 10th) Come one and all to unlock your tentacle-based desires. Thanks.
  6. Ok noone was around so we gave up and have postponed it to sometime this weekend. Come get your ochres before they're linked!
  7. Great thanks, we are tentatively starting now.
  8. Hey. I'm hoping to open it again starting shortly after maint if anyone is interested.
  9. it's happening on rosal too, seemingly always on - at least when I am on. They finish the fights so fasttt, I wish I could spec and see. All sacriers and sidekicks too.
  10. If I'm selling or buying runes, etc I go to the rune market, if I'm maging I go to the smithmagis ws. Duh.
  11. Hey, so I can do char starting with E, starting with L, the "gold' one, the 'mywwh' one, and fill 4 of the random kwismas gift tiles. Oh but it's 4am my time unless I stuffed up the timezone calculation so hopefully i can wake up then :P
  12. Hey! I think i can do lots of them by then once I do the thwee kings stuff. I think I can probably do b, e, and f. But I'll let you know soon.
  13. https://www.dofusplanner.com/P7woH/ maybe? meets all the reqs, at least with some res mages.
  14. If you don't like elios then the standard thing would just be a str iop and an int eni probably. Then make panda cha, or whatever really. Gives you a pretty simple/solid base for doing harder stuff.