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  1. Yee lemme just open dis shit when prestiges will be introduced :D I'm saving achievs since around 2 months :>
  2. Ice dofus x8, ggwp
  3. They should nerf the dung, not buff it halo? RIP me doing it 8 loot then :s
  4. >buy second screen >profit
  5. I've been good this year Santa!
  6. Yaay :D 7 dungeons left :)
  7. Can I do it on my phone? I guess I have few minutes at work each day. Though I would prolly work on 200 area mobs/dungs, not sure if I could do a class guide :>
  8. Yea you will want to go iop/enu/eni/elio/eca/panda for core, imo these are must have classes for 8 loot endgame. For 2 remaning slots I have xel/sram atm but I change them around with rog/masq/cra. Feca could be a good choice to boost your defense, idk about sadi/fogg/osa/sac/hupper, not sure how good they are in 8 loot. Cheers
  9. Yeah but 2x scratch is really hard to control since they start on opposite sides and have diagonal jump, also mob that changes position is annoying. I guess I could blitz boss when it goes vuln so it should be no biggie
  10. I saw the screen of 8 loot but has anyone seen video/anything else? I had some ideas but dude finished it in 8-9 turns and I dont have a clue how to do it that fast. Also what is the range that mob attracts on Tal's turn 5 or 6? cheers
  11. 48 Minutes nice struggle there :) Had to quit 8 looting because this dung is so insanely hard 8 loot, anyway yaaaaay :D
  12. So anyone organising gate opening on rushu? I mean the quest for achievement. Please do inform me :) I can contribute with 9 accs
  13. bored

    What about Snowdew? Aoe push, passive push, mp steal, runs like tofu >,> always annoyed me, especially in big mobs
  14. K closed thanks