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  1. Hey, I'd like to offer you my leeching service through F3 dungeons: Misizz freez/klime/nileza/sylargh= 1.5mk each Count dungeon: *Normal run=2mk *Versatile achievment= 4mk * Score 300= 4mk Thx and pm me for more info. -Shuko-
  2. Top pvmeur's opinion. Ive trusted him and now I use same teamcomp 100% worth
  3. Will you donate me all of them If I leech you thru this fight? Will be done at first try
  4. Sexy af, gj
  5. I fancy this one! Hardest one so far tho... But my eni gonna love it :D Max heals/dmg/int :D
  6. Thanks mate :D That was my goal to mage it 5/5 and 15/15power
  7. Enu OMW!! I love this one its like one-minute-old
  8. Please its not even chance :<
  9. Class: enutrofBuild: cha/mp redKamas/time available: unlimitedCurrent team: eca, elio, eni, iop, pandaLvl range: 200Extra comments: Best possible pvm enu buildPvP or PvM oriented pvm
  10. The question is if you can use that without possibility of ban
  11. Just landed this beauty :D I landed shitty one yesterday so decided to make new one :D The one with black theme is the one I landed yesterday xd 1 crit was missing so i had decided to add 1 crit and the obv resists fall down... Resists Up-crits down and it was never ending circle.. But today was my lucky day af :D
  12. What I Have Acct1: Eca omni Acct2: Iop str/int Acct3: eni int Acct4: elio agi What I Want 4 man team that is able to do most of dungeons in the game. Is the comp fine or I should change something?
  13. hayy, Ive just done Meno's dung score 300+limpwrist+blitzkrieg at one time :D
  14. Absolutely unique, good job! 💪
  15. Heya guys. We are trying to open kralove tomorrow at 20:00 DT. Show up please! Regards, -Shuko-