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  1. K then, I can see you have no clue. If setting up portals is harder than in other dungeons that doesnt mean elio is useless ok. Finally, please dont mention dungeon that is able to solotage k Edit: Elio is then useless shit at count and F5 cuz rotations make it impossible to use portals :^] pls
  2. Hey, please name the dungeon in which elio is useless k thx
  3. Dayum son where did you find this
  4. Hey, I'd like to offer you my leeching service through F3 dungeons: Misizz freez/klime/nileza/sylargh= 1.5mk each Count dungeon: *Normal run=2mk *Versatile achievment= 4mk * Score 300= 4mk Thx and pm me for more info. -Shuko-
  5. Top pvmeur's opinion. Ive trusted him and now I use same teamcomp 100% worth
  6. Will you donate me all of them If I leech you thru this fight? Will be done at first try
  7. Sexy af, gj
  8. I fancy this one! Hardest one so far tho... But my eni gonna love it :D Max heals/dmg/int :D
  9. Thanks mate :D That was my goal to mage it 5/5 and 15/15power
  10. Enu OMW!! I love this one its like one-minute-old
  11. Please its not even chance :<
  12. Class: enutrofBuild: cha/mp redKamas/time available: unlimitedCurrent team: eca, elio, eni, iop, pandaLvl range: 200Extra comments: Best possible pvm enu buildPvP or PvM oriented pvm
  13. The question is if you can use that without possibility of ban
  14. Just landed this beauty :D I landed shitty one yesterday so decided to make new one :D The one with black theme is the one I landed yesterday xd 1 crit was missing so i had decided to add 1 crit and the obv resists fall down... Resists Up-crits down and it was never ending circle.. But today was my lucky day af :D