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  1. Nice almanax :^)
  2. Ah... thank you friends.. looks like they added max effect accumulation to shovel of judgement
  3. Hello! Did they change MP reduction? I cant keep mobs at 0mp because they got 2 MP directly after being at 0
  4. Turqs, ices, ochres sold.
  5. Hey bros. Im selling: Abyssal dofus 45mk each Cloudy dofus 65mk each turq 8mk each ice 24mk each Prices are negotiable! Pm me in game or leave post below. -Shuko-
  6. Hey! My first exo attempt after break... I swear to god, it was a first mp rune
  7. Hi bros! hh
  8. Very skilled and trustworthy, helped me with syl fight for enu/elio cuz they were missing that for achiv :P
  9. Achievement unlocked: [The Fantastic Five] Jesus, I did it!
  10. Pls dont forget who changed the modifier for u :^)
  11. I decided to do something harder ...... finally :D 6 Cloudy Dofuses <3 Achievement unlocked: [Dreaming of Another World] Shuna has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. Shukyo has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. Shuko has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. Shukio has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World]. Shukzo has unlocked the achievement [Dreaming of Another World].
  12. Just listened to ur tips :P
  13. No cancerous tactics (aka autowin). Just pure focus and try/error method :). So happy! Title obtained: [Professional Player]
  14. K den, go try urself ur autowin mechanics provided by youtube. Whats achievement in ur eyes then? being able to do certain dungeon because it got nerfed????
  15. Umm... Imao it's lame idea. It is know that every game has it's end-game content that can't be defeated by every player... It's obvious that it should take you hours of trying before you manage to understand certain dungeon's mechanics (the hardest one atleast). By removing the difficulty Ankama is basically spits at current top pvm players faces (they won't be top after update cuz everbody can do what they have done hhhh)...