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Everything posted by masik233

  1. Why are bombs shown to have higher base damage as explosion than as wall?? The base damage is the same. The differences are that the wall is buffed by shields (% distance, melee, spell damages) and Dofuses (%final damage) whereas explosions are not, and always have an AoE reduction (90% on 1 range and 80% on 2 range).
  2. I confirm that positions on the map and vitality influence the placement of mobs (or at least, for example the cell on the diagonal where it will place itself, AI character stays always the same). For cowardly AI, once the mobs hit and have MP left there are normally two or even plenty of random options to where the mob will flee (I normally avoid as much as possible that this happens if I do a fight turn by turn). Concerning Count when vulned, don't try to understand the big mess of his code. On his turn 5, there were indeed like 7 or 8 different behaviors I could notice, normally focusing bombs instead of summon or Rogue (which is abnormal), using sometimes 0 MP, 4 MP, hitting once with his linear spell, twice or not doing it at all, etc. At least, for any, the "real" Count was always on the same position (not the same for all variants, but the the same for each variant)
  3. The 2 MP buffs + special effects for each mob apply only if you end your turn without having at least 1 mob in a range of 6 around you. To prevent the dead mobs from playing, you need a special spell obtained by a new quest, it's 3 AP and CC only. It's a piece of cake with a well-geared team and a more CC strat. It's a good change to, for once, prevent 508 farming.
  4. Hey, I'm offering a leech service for Lvl 200 Duos. Almost every duo has no further requirements, but for some (Tal Kasha, Count, Proto) it depends on your class and knowledge. Prices negotiable. Send me PM or in game Volcasaurus
  5. I only do Duos usually. I can do normal run as well with Liberty achievement, but I try to avoid to let clients profit too much off of it. So since that makes 100 feathers at least, let's do 6m (my normal price) and 80 feathers.
  6. Berlin
  7. Yes, you can PM me ingame Volcasaurus or Zenmaity
  8. Push Update: Your class and your set do not matter Prices: 3m min. price 4m Count 5m Kout, Meno, Tal Kasha, Proto 6m Ilyzaelle
  9. New char names Pixo-Arc Hart-Dezee
  10. Mobile chars (especially Srams in that respect) don't have much of an advantage since you are unmovable, and gravity state 1 out of 2 turns I think. Any char is mobile in that fight since hitting a block (that shines) attracts you 3 cells towards it. Use well-placed Cawottes whenether it's worth it, he always prefers to cast the CC damage spell instead of the -10 MP spell on 4 linear range, even if it's only a Cawotte that dies. If, for example, he is too much in the middle of the map and you place a Cawotte in a corner 7 range from him, you'll catch a lot of time. It might help to have all summons level 6 and low damage with Paralyzing so that you can easily buff yourself 2 MP if needed. I can't think of anything else, the spell panel is far too one-sided.
  11. It must be because there wasn't any mob left, yeah.
  12. I've decided to no longer spam this thread^^ I guess the followers from here don't need it anymore, and that since quite a while
  13. It might have been patched, but for me neither of these was needed, I could well push them or let them hit anything without that they get reset (also, little solotage on YT). The only condition is to hit BOTH each turn. Otherwise, the one unreset will cast a spell on all summons on the map so that they will automatically reset the 2 Pathos infinitely. Any summons having been present over the course of not activating them must be killed before trying to kill the Pathos.
  14. Source? It would be bizarre as a requirement considering the other 4 primary Dofus questlines are independent from each other.
  15. 15:30 to skip comments
  16. You enjoyed it the most beating noobs who don't have the means to possess the eggs? More equality won't change it for the worse I guess.
  17. I wonder what "essential" use you'd have of Coney to begin with, since you can fully heal yourself for nothing in Catseye (even with Limpwrist, killing 2k 0% res dies is not too much to ask, especially in between waves). The 2 AP don't make a strategic difference since they affect the Eni which results maybe in a bit more damage.
  18. Bombot and the weird tree are controllable already, so they are well aware of the problem (even if it's quite logical for these two summons...). The contradiction is that it's the exact same thing for Shovel or Sram Double in some situations and especially Madoll. Such a spell would be fair in this regard, even in worse if needed (like 3 AP and 3 cooldown).