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  1. You suicide your team apart from 1-2 chars, place them in a way that Meno produces 2 glyphs such that the crystals will only leave a diagonal opening to these characters. The mobs will run away foolishly. 5 turns later the crystals will disappear, but you can repeat the same thing despite taking a bit of damage inbetween. Emerald, Dokoko and/or Watcher's Dofus on both chars and you won't even need heal. Sooner or later you'll finish Meno with the %dmg buffs. It's "auto-win". Just look up duo or solo
  2. Yeah you might stack an infinite amount of Pandas, though without creature mode most of them will be off screen ;p Proto is easy enough for a duo, especially for lock tactics with the Emerald Dofus :x Any duo combo might do it this way
  3. New method close to brain-dead, still needs appropriate sets and the basics of dungeon/mobs but nothing more.
  4. Impossible without^^ (or leagues more difficult)
  5. Easiest one, ironically
  6. By far the hardest solotage by now...