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  1. Yeah you might stack an infinite amount of Pandas, though without creature mode most of them will be off screen ;p Proto is easy enough for a duo, especially for lock tactics with the Emerald Dofus :x Any duo combo might do it this way
  2. New method close to brain-dead, still needs appropriate sets and the basics of dungeon/mobs but nothing more.
  3. Impossible without^^ (or leagues more difficult)
  4. Easiest one, ironically
  5. By far the hardest solotage by now...
  6. It's not the worst AI ever, rather any cowardly AI works like this (taking random directions after having hit, not necessarily the most distant ones). Under certain circumstances, they even approach instead of departing. Cowardly AIs are definitely a very strange thing which should probably be improved. Same reason why sometimes Sadida puppets approach the enemy with no reason. But yeah, no other way to handle Momistik with this strategy ^^
  7. For agi osa, all the solos would still be possible. Duster isn't really essential unless there's a high time pressure like in dimensions or in PvP. The swap is a huge nerf (especially for placement-related achievements) but well, the class stays ridiculous^^