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  1. Yeah you might stack an infinite amount of Pandas, though without creature mode most of them will be off screen ;p Proto is easy enough for a duo, especially for lock tactics with the Emerald Dofus :x Any duo combo might do it this way
  2. New method close to brain-dead, still needs appropriate sets and the basics of dungeon/mobs but nothing more.
  3. Impossible without^^ (or leagues more difficult)
  4. Easiest one, ironically
  5. By far the hardest solotage by now...
  6. It's not the worst AI ever, rather any cowardly AI works like this (taking random directions after having hit, not necessarily the most distant ones). Under certain circumstances, they even approach instead of departing. Cowardly AIs are definitely a very strange thing which should probably be improved. Same reason why sometimes Sadida puppets approach the enemy with no reason. But yeah, no other way to handle Momistik with this strategy ^^
  7. For agi osa, all the solos would still be possible. Duster isn't really essential unless there's a high time pressure like in dimensions or in PvP. The swap is a huge nerf (especially for placement-related achievements) but well, the class stays ridiculous^^
  8. If a major goal is to make the fight system more simple, then why 1) should each class have much more spells than they have now (I'm completely fine with the idea of spell variants and more obtainable spells though) 2) include an additional system that is linked with each and every spell and thus makes them more complicated This sounds like the complete opposite and makes no sense to me by now. Or I just missunderstand it and it's a conception of a completely new Dofus? oO I'll give my personal point of view concerning class / spell balancing since it's the main topic in Tot's post: PvP: Not much to do really except some small adaptions. Any class can perform well there, and completely balacing it is impossible to begin with. If there are different maps, different sets and different classes there's always the rock/paper/scissors problem. A balanced PvP would mean all classes are much more similar (which would be even worse obviously). Rants will always exist since players tend to get emotional when losing... PvM: Definitely has a huge gap between certain classes. Classes like Elio/Rogue/Osa/Iop are on top, why? Because the potential is very high. It however stays balanced in PvP since players are no retards and can thus "appease" this potential easily. This principe also seems like the easiest solution in general: just give more room upwards for all classes, both in terms of power and versatility. Making all classes more complicated with such a change won't matter as long as you can still play them on a casual level. The spell variants might already be a solution in exactly this direction.
  9. Well it depends. The easiest ones take merely an evening with about 20 tries (I'd say about 2 evenings average), for Vortex Duo/Impertinence (hardest so far) it was at least a week... First try I always scoop to just screen the map / the placement. Then I usually theorize a lot and mark that screen, this might also include damage calcs for a certain turn and appropriate set adaptions (lower or increase the damage). Especially for Rogue it's a must for me: certain actions are practically impossible without preparation (unless your IQ is over 9000). For the recent video Count/Missiz oneshots were pretty easy (they were improvised) but on the other hand the first 3 turns were constructed heavily, no way I could have improvised that^^ And yes, it's not that hard to predict the mobs' movements but you must know how an aggressive or cowardly AI works and the exact range of their spells. The only luck-based aspect about AIs in dofus is when a cowardly AI has MP left after having targeted an enemy, then it will take a random direction opposing your characters. It's the most simple for mobs with linear spells which allow to predict their exact upcoming placement, otherwise you know at least the diagonal. Also I'm grasping with bread etc. That's why I like to construct a fight partly in advance, it saves a ton of tries. For last vid the first 3 turns already gave me an ideal placement for the rest of the fight, and so the rest went quite smoothly.
  10. The entirety of F3 rekt by Tofus now :)