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  1. Meanwhile I'm more surprised someone is allowed to have the name: 'Portaal-nigger'.
  2. Bump back in action
  3. Bump 78m
  4. Youb be missed, take care!
  5. Title ^ Pm Thefook or msg me on imps and I'll get online immediately.
  6. Meanwhile I'm surprised everyone is still going for ap/mp exos on gear like Menobelt, Belteen etc. 3/4 (5%) exo's are still so much better on them imho. PS: Gratz on the exo though!
  7. Perf stats AP shield will go way over 30m, shields are bitches to mage without using too many orbs. Even with spamming them getting perf stats on its own is expensive
  8. Pretty much anything that can deal a high amount of damage, first class that comes to mind is eca. Although I can also see hupper working (air build). Cra also is fine especially after some buffs now.
  9. That's what they all say (Im proud of u though daddy)
  10. @Tezar Git gut 2 deaths
  11. I might lurk around here, might not. S/O to: The only English guy who actually drinks tea (fuck you Adam cunt) and all the other people who've made Rushu/Echo fun for the last 2.5 years. # BEERBOYS
  12. Godman has fallen
  13. Rip filzpunkten