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  1. I used you for ur mum sorry :x
  2. First I'm gonna ask you 2 questions before giving the advice about the classes. 1st: Do you hate your life and enjoy roleplaying as dragons? 2nd: Do you hate your life and enjoy not being noticed by anyone? If you said yes to the first question, osa is definitely the class for you! Don't forget to tell the opponent to git good or tell him to play a relevant class. If you said yes to the second question go for trapsram and be almost as much of a cuck as when you go osa. If you said no to both questions ask for a refund, you wont get to r10 with any other classes so dont bother. Also an honorable mention goes out to the sacriers who have over 9000 health. (Only little chance u have is when u pvp on beta where they actually play something else, then id recommend fogger or rogue most fun 1v1 classes to play imo)
  3. Fleshlight v2
  4. Bump, taking orders again.
  5. I can confirm, very trustable person. Trusted him with loads of kamas and he didnt disappoint me!
  6. We can only hope
  7. CY@

    Personal abuse. Strictly forbidden. Thanks. Why can't people with '-' in their name + are irrelevant stfu and be left alone?
  8. Its been nice to get to know you. We had some fun in Relevent Heaven, wont forget the banter in there! Take care Simeon, has been fun! PS: Thats some deep shit, same reason I've tried quitting multiple times. But always keep coming back just to talk to some nabs.
  9. Something something relevant mages
  10. I'll make a short guide: 'HUPPERMAGIC' no one knows what huppers do.
  11. Cheeky toast trying to make kamas I see. Just get them on ur 42 chars mate
  12. Got 3 yellow piwi hats pm me ur offer (all mimid on 190 gear w/o stats)
  13. Irrelevant no name guy who thinks he can manage rushu's finest fellas. FTFY pls dont kick me for COG rewards :(
  14. Piss off weebdro