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  1. ^ Post title, willing to pay 4m. Pm thefook.
  2. Iron also is very beginner friendly, just /w Nada for tips & tricks.
  3. Hola, decided to go ahead and sell some items. Prices listed will be slightly negotiable, got time and not in a hurry. Thread will get updated regularly with fresh mages. Amulets: Jammy 36m Spookkoth 17m Treadfast 15m Unspeakable 14m Pawl Ouatnos 11m Axe: Mantaxe 26m Belts: Menobelt 28m Boots: Tritun 22m Unnamable 14m Tal Kasha 19m Cloaks: Indescribable 34m Teuse 37m Tal Kasha 26m Daggers: Daguanos 23m Hats: Moum-Ra 28m Allister 13m Rings: Jammy 38m Wedding 38m Deep Sea 36m Band 35m Nidas 26m Loads of items have been maged by myself, if you ever are interested feel free to have a look at my thread in which I offer my maging services. Items are in a merchant right now, so either imps message me or hit me up in-game on Thefook (Mostly sitting at -1 or at bonta magus place). In merch at [-1,0].
  4. Lvl 100 now that the profession system got changed to lvl 200 max.
  5. 5) #FreeFook 6) #FreeXis-Is
  6. Bump back in action.
  7. My bad shouldve asked for this thread to close. Got one already.
  8. Also be aware of the guy that goes around saying [IZMAR] said you are a scammer. He is in Concilium Germanicum (INT). Links you to a keylog/whatever website.
  9. Don't worry, over here uno is getting more entertaining then the game itself.
  10. Bump