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  1. Give me 6 months kty
  2. Jammy + allister set with archaic bow, even though I think it got nerfed it should still be fine. Focus on air dmg with teddybearb pet
  3. Qued plz i expected better filzpunkten 4 u
  4. Take care Goji, had a blast kolo’ing with you and jewst over the years, peace brother <3
  5. B> Jumbow 40% off pm me in-game on degeneratewayofmakingkamasfook
  6. Is this the new method to obtain the almighty imps-bunny?
  7. Pvp/pvm both abuse the Dofus as it’s ridiculously strong and makes you extremely tanky. When u 8 man (lul 8man in the enu/cra era) you will most likely be doing 508 anyway. If you ask me, price is going to beover 170-180. Obtaining Ivory is way more tedious and hard then getting Abyssal/Cloudy or any of the current dofuses.
  8. As I’ve played sacrier quite a bit after the varients update, can you link your set? Since from what I have seen on beta cha sac is able to dish out a shitload of damage.
  9. Enu drops have changed after the spell varients, it unfortunately is no longer possible to gain extra drops from the living chest.
  10. As long as you have characters that fit different general purposes (support/hitter/displacement) you should be able to do anything. Even me as a pvm amateur am able to do pretty much all dungeons right now. It definitely is way better compared to back in the day.
  11. Title says it, no negotiations.