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  1. Rip filzpunkten
  2. Strength should be your main stat until you can wear the Healbow (Archetypal at lvl 173). At least thats my opinion, after that switch over to an intelligence/heal build.
  3. Problem with trying to get a 2% 'insert new rune here' exo is that the value of the rune is way over the value off of a %res rune. While 2% may not seem like a lot it has the same value as a 5% exo. Correct me if I'm wrong though. 5% exo's in general are quite hard to obtain.
  4. Didn't take it yet but can vouch for him being a nice/trustable person.
  5. /w tezar in-game im into that
  6. wow why u do this to me jery
  7. So yeah, 6th win in a row and once again I didn't gain a single kolosoken. Don't know if it's bugged or what, but it atleast is certainly bugging me. Anyone knows anything about this?
  8. 15 sink
  9. Pretty much no one has, getting 1% cc damage or whatever isn't as good as say a summon/range/100vit/4% exo
  10. Bump, can this be moved to the Echo section?
  11. B> Resources 80% off :^)
  12. Everyone can, if you are from rosal/rushu or any other server. It's gonna be better.
  13. Boodied by man