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  1. Aye I got your fix
  2. ayy thats my cra i feel important
  3. 340/350 vit 28/30 power 25/25 crit res 35/40wis 0/20 PP 8/10lock 7/7% to all 3 res 7/7mp red 7/7crits 1/1range 2-3%/0 earth res Measgae me on imps to work out a time also paying around 18m for 2% and 21m for 3% IGN is Ex-Isis
  4. 7RaWdCr.png

    1. Xis-Is


      Reminds me of high school mens feels bad

  5. Thesus was on enu and iop and we think romo was panda and eni.
  6. Please, like a nerf can stop me. Cant stop a legend ;)
  7. Still 2nd rate team?
  8. Not jk at all thx for SPs scrolls 200~ kamas each :D :D :D
  9. Welcome back adam
  10. After 3 days you back was so long did not even notice u quit.
  11. Damn juse nice dank bunny pic
  12. If they wanted to truly balance pvm and pvp they would have a pvm and pvp "world" where they spells in the pvm world would not be totally fucked and in the pvp "world" they can be balanced. But something like that at the pace they move would take longer then the game has left lifespan wise
  13. They need to adopt the system of if it's not broken don't fix it tbh. Instead of worrying about the spell leveling system they should instead invest man power into other stuff that we care about such as being able to spect koli fights. From what I saw on the main forums this has been received as negativity as the weapon nerf maybe a little less. We can hope some day they will listen to the people that keep their lights on. :^)
  14. You'reĀ  a potato <3