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  1. Hello darkness my old friend :'(
  2. Nty Ill pass nerd
  3. Landed this after hours and hours of failing on attempting 2%, mage for my boi Jihad <3
  4. Izmar you fucking goddess send ur address and I'll send u 420 hamburgers for nerfing full vit sacs <33333
  5. git good noob
  6. Are Ouginak's allowed?????????????????
  7. Pls im pvm god u know it damian
  8. Pray 4 planecrash please Punishment members bomb the right plane for once <3
  9. Quadnerd can you please have the vid for CoG finished/uploaded on youtube by tomorrow <3 We're trying to have everything done by tomorrow so we don't get any last minute issues :^)

  10. Bruh 35mk for a 32 vit om dregg helmet, gl
  11. Scar for life :(
  12. Stronkest team in game
  13. Sry for being late but I just wanted to wish you best of luck with ur life and you're also a sweet as fuck bloke <3 Also you might wanna come back a little bit earlier before goult so you can sort something extra out anj, might help you get Goult Osa for the 3rd year in a row! Jk will miss you who will always be down to perc/prism hunt now :( P.S. PLS DELETE OUTER HEAVEN cya soon bud TOAST4LEADER
  14. revampd sacrier

    Wow rip Damian ditch me :c feelsbadman
  15. revampd sacrier

    Dat moment when Osama says "our spells" after being a Sacrier again for 1-2 days :^)