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  1. Hi people, Probably as me, you're interested in starting to play in Eratz - 1.29 like we used to do it 8-9 years ago. <3 I've been able to achieve some important kamas and lvl and I'm currently farming Black Rat. I remember that in the past I was not so good at lvling and didn't receive assistance at all from the ones who were farming the dungeon. If you're interested in lvling up with me or need something, send me a PM here or in facebook https://www.facebook.com/william.s.marin. I only charge 5kk per character per dungeon, so I can continue working on this and help others to raise their characters. Thanks for your interest in my service See ya ! Clock-Time
  2. Hellow Folks, It's been really hard for me, But I've finally decided to leave 2.34 and go to 1.29 from 0. I've already have some kamas there cuz I moved them with some "dealers" I have 2 ocres and 2 crimson dofus plus 1 year of P2P for both accounts, So I'll start with them from lvl 0. Here are my questions. What would be the best 2 CHARACTERS to farm kamas and lvl UP?. Also, What would be their builds? ( It does not have to be at the same time of course). But I'd like to be able to actually have the possibility to make both things when I want, like 3 hrs lvling, 3 hrs dropping. Also would be really nice that these classes and their builds were able to make some PVP. I remember Farming crackler dungeon was a really good income. I also remember that Black rat runs and Black Smith Dungeon was pretty good too.. And that,.. Having a RAT ""SADIDA"" was a good way to lvling your team in bonta or brakma, Such a good memories. I know that for pvp, Cras, Sacriers and Iops were really good... In 1.29 I remember that Smithmagi's market was REALLY GOOD ! So, What classes? What characters? What would you use as the best income? I don't want to lvl so fast, but to stay in 60-100 range to enjoy some good pvp and all that. I Know I'll have to start with some Professions.. I started in 1.23 But I forgot a lot of things since all these years Really thanks guys for answering ^^ BYE!