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  1. Well R.I.P cra's. I wish this was April 1rst -.-
  2. Oh ok. I nearly freaked out thinking they did the removal of sp's already.
  3. Logged onto my nub account, only to find my lv 60 has only 10 spell points. Someone tell me this isn't the future. RIP Low lvl PvP... Ankama has finally lost the last of their marbles...
  4. RIP These changes are going to make me quit too lol. Enjoy your break fam.
  5. I haven't had much time to test the changes but nerf to explosive is pretty catastrophic. Changing explosive to 5 ap AND 1 cast a turn is overdoing it. 2x cast global cd would have been a much more balanced fix. As for sacs, I can only shake my head. It's just not the same class anymore. But atcham sacs ayyy. The dmg can be insane but requires so much risk to pull off. It just comes across to me as gimmicky. Hope they fix this before release.
  6. I saw one in market at 16m. Gl
  7. Really nice work! Keep improving your style.
  8. I'm having issues as well. I get this massive lag with my whole screen turning red/orange/yellow. When are these guys going to give us the option to turn this off? I don't think my PC can take another 'explosion'. xD Edit: It's 10x worse when multi accounting oh em gee.
  9. It seems not. We may have to wait another week until 200+ mechanics are finalized.
  10. I think the changes are great. Here is my post on OF.
  11. Now I'm getting no response from Dofus. It won't even bring up queue. Is this related to steam release? I thought the release wasn't until the 9th?
  12. Ok, something went wrong. On Rushu, the Queue is like 3-4k long. It disconnects me for some reason midway through the queue. I guess the maintenance did this. I'm sure it will clear up soon.
  13. Trying to tell your friends who quit dofus about dofus on steam be like:
  14. Bought 1 still need 1 more! 1 x [Noh Cape] (3,000,000 kamas) :D
  15. Bump