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  1. Added Thekinslayer (Carver/Carvmagus) to list.
  2. Hello need 3 Lv 200 Carvers with Lv 200 Carvmagus and need 5 Lv 200 Smiths with Lv 200 Smithmagus. Please leave your name and profession if you want to help. All participants will be paid. Pm Aerafal in game for more info if needed. Thanks! Carver/Carvmagus 200 Thekinslayer Smith/Smithmagus 200
  3. Bump Bumpity Bump. Moved Merch to [-1,-1] Dardondakal. Pm me in game @ Aerafal/Ignemikahl
  4. B U M P Switched merch to alt. Still at [0,1] Dardondakal. Pm Aerafal or Ignemikahl for info. Thx.
  5. Bumpity bump. Dropped price to 4mk each. Price is still negotiable. Merch Aerafal at [0,1]
  6. Bump. Merch Moved to [0,1].
  7. Hello, Selling some stock in a merchant at [0,1] Dardondakal. Biggest Item is Flea-Ridden Gob Shields. Selling them 5mk 4mk Each. Price is negotiable. Fyi: They are Mimiable. Pm me on Aerafal or Ignemikahl for more info.
  8. Oh ok, thanks replying. Was almost going to reset my router xD
  9. I just got d/c from the server. What is going on? Anyone else got the same issue?
  10. Selling some rare 1.29 shields on Rushu. (For now.) Smashed Sidimote shield: 75mk SOLD Mossy Treechnid shield: 35mk SOLD Prices are Negotiable. Merchant is at [0,1] Aerafal. Msg me here, if you want a response. Thanks. (Just side information, yes these are mimiable.)
  11. Agreed that cra's are good with cloudy, especially in pvm. But in pvp? You must be joking. Cra would have to run a 120 mp red setup to be decent and that's if no one stacks mp res. Sac revamp pretty much was as anti-cra as you can get. In kolo Cra gets targetted by sac turn 2 and unless you got a panda you can't stop it. Not to mention sac can get 8mp and 10 with osa boost and run/tp back to home. Ouginak class looks anti-cra as well. So maybe cras don't need a revamp but they are pretty lackluster in pvp, they need something. They are a one trick pony easy to counter. Once you corner them its game over. Corner an eni and eni got a teleport. Osa got teleport. Support classes can escape better than cra. Don't get me started on elio's either. Anyway, I wasn't trying to start an argument everyone got their opinion. (Inb4 people say if you get cornered as cra you can't play blah blah blah)
  12. Sounds really fun. Will definitely pvp with it. But, wish they would focus on revamps first. Panda's and Cra's need to be on their goal list at some point.