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  1. So been using lv 80 ougi to 1v1 kolo with, fairly easy to use. Iop was int 30% res all lv 132.
  2. Bump. Added Sezamek-Pl to Smith/Smithmagi list. Let's decide on a time Captain-gale. Msg me here or on Aerafal ig.
  3. B Switched characters. Still at [-1,-1] Ignemikahl.
  4. Awesome Thanks! I'll add you to the list.
  5. Bump. Added: Master-Psycho Lekillerdesplaines Hhu To Smith/smithmage list. Need 2 More Carver/Carvmage and 2 more Smith/Smithmage lv 200.
  6. Added Thekinslayer (Carver/Carvmagus) to list.
  7. Hello need 3 Lv 200 Carvers with Lv 200 Carvmagus and need 5 Lv 200 Smiths with Lv 200 Smithmagus. Please leave your name and profession if you want to help. All participants will be paid. Pm Aerafal in game for more info if needed. Thanks! Carver/Carvmagus 200 Thekinslayer Captain-Gale Captain-Gale Smith/Smithmagus 200 Master-Psycho Lekillerdesplaines Hhu Captain-Gale Sezamek-Pl
  8. Bump Bumpity Bump. Moved Merch to [-1,-1] Dardondakal. Pm me in game @ Aerafal/Ignemikahl
  9. B U M P Switched merch to alt. Still at [0,1] Dardondakal. Pm Aerafal or Ignemikahl for info. Thx.
  10. Bumpity bump. Dropped price to 4mk each. Price is still negotiable. Merch Aerafal at [0,1]
  11. Bump. Merch Moved to [0,1].
  12. Hello, Selling some stock in a merchant at [0,1] Dardondakal. Biggest Item is Flea-Ridden Gob Shields. Selling them 5mk 4mk Each. Price is negotiable. Fyi: They are Mimiable. Pm me on Aerafal or Ignemikahl for more info.
  13. Oh ok, thanks replying. Was almost going to reset my router xD
  14. I just got d/c from the server. What is going on? Anyone else got the same issue?