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  1. nice job my bruh i approve that effort. Also pls osama recommend the cheapest replacement for my flinties :')
  2. XD nice leech my boi inb4 u didnt record
  3. "easy and autowin" for sure??? imagine me in that dungeon
  4. legit list Qtpie btw be cool and shoeshine
  5. k, np? Eniripsa job = healing job at top prioritity. It's so damn pointless sense to delete that buff healing. Reducing heal to 1.15 or 1.20 would be K. No %power from puzzling? Rip op spell K, np. Eni has Frightening word for pushing :") Also rip osa for doing statue achiev 2k17
  6. have a respect for deceased people, pls
  7. I've been good this year Santa!
  8. B U M P, I bought his cheap resources instantly :")
  9. revampd sacrier

    We need t l ; d r., Osama. P l e a s e.
  10. Hai guys, my name is R, nice to meet u :"). I am not good at making sets, so I want my team oriented only for PvM and i prefer cheap items/easy to make(without to do 200 lvl duns) for 200 lv team = int eni, cha panda and vit masq. My budget is limited to 20mk-30mk per each. Also no exos(I can afford only mp gelano : ' ) ). Your boi, R.