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  1. 8 versus 5 typical Platinum, scammers guild i dont recommend
  2. Hi bontarianka, yes it is best moment to join Dofus because we will have more cancer and dramas than ever on Rushu.
  3. It's An unspecified set of mathematics specific to a certain nationality, which is not inferior to the mathematics of any other nationality, as defined by Ankama® Games so everything is possible
  4. I dont think server merge was even planned in 2011 Osama boi
  5. Every page same questions, there is only one engdame meta team in this game: Iop aka TOP DMG DEALER WRATH + SOF WOW BLITZ BOSS IN 1 TURN Elio aka WOW PORTALS MORE DAMAGE GOOD EVERYONE LIKES DAMAGE Panda aka PLACEMENT GOD AND VULNS = MORE DMG WOW AMAZING ISNT IT Eni aka U SUCK AND NEED HEALS BUT ITS OK BECAUSE ENI HITS STRONG TOO AFTER REVAMP Enu aka U SUCK AND NEED MP RED BUT ITS OK BECAUSE IT HAS FORTUNE AND GREED = MORE DMG WOW Ecaflip aka NEED FOR VORTEX BUT NOT REALLY, JUST GOOD DAMAGE AND EROSION = BETTER SOF COOL AF for catseye u add foggernaut if u are p'ssy 100% pvm achievment game in game can be done with this compo
  6. Kudo very trustworthy person lmao xDD inb4 still better than Jappar
  7. http://dofus.jeuxonline.info/article/14236/quete-dofus-elementaires chrome -> translate to english
  8. Iwant you to know iam your biggest fan


    1. Jappar


      I am urs <3

      no homo


  9. top magus can recommend 9/11
  10. Hi /w Jappar in game
  11. technique: rush b cyka blyad gz osama boi big fan
  12. fucking die
  13. i am big fan gratz
  14. wow someone is actually into lore of this game
  15. Nice 16k, what theme is this?