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  1. fucking die
  2. i am big fan gratz
  3. wow someone is actually into lore of this game
  4. Nice 16k, what theme is this?
  5. last bump, 180 qot embroid left 400kk each 76 proto 350 each
  6. For pvm they are like huppers, cool dmg and utility but wont replace iop/eca as main damage dealers. Good to have because of high erosion but rage state is highly not recommended for portals plays.
  7. Ok
  8. It is not cheap, but fastest way. I did level 5 maguses on alts when I was doing cloudy quests :^) Not elemental (fire,water etc)
  9. You can get magus to 200 in 30 minutes abusing old damage runes xp. Just prepare items with old dmg and possibly crits or heals, get all stats to 0 -> spam dmg, lower with crit or smth else. Change item every 5-10 lvl.
  10. Iop/Elio all duos K2lu impert with cra but it was a mess :^) And this one was the toughest one from all achievments, even duo was easier
  11. bmp added some new res
  12. not as impressive as vortex with sadi but still hapy bout orn :^)
  13. k2lu impert with cra :^) i dont recommend doing it with this compo