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  1. Omg guess who is back with new cheap resources :^) Come and check ,,Japper" merchant at [0,0] aka Kanojedo!
  2. Those are called AWESOME Magings for a reason and urs are shit :^]
  3. In market
  4. Nerodos already said that rolback is highly unliked.
  5. Really great job, i love this site already
  6. its always anti with cc
  7. lmao i did f5/100% f3 and didnt know about this xD
  8. Count does change rotation in CC as well tho
  9. Nice protozz, now go vortex impert faggoti :^]
  10. The new system still offers 12 placement positions per team and randomly generates short, medium and long distance positions to satisfy a wide range of different tactical approaches. Rip 508 enus/xel teams? Why didnt they invented in before cra nerf ayy
  11. You need to have 4k+ rating in order to exchange sp. It is security from bots
  12. https://www.dofusplanner.com/Wi9PG/ 11/6 no exo
  13. who is sven