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  1. U fucking stalker

  2. Aww tyzii :( I rly gonna miss you! But first thing first - hit Kian for me xD jk. When Kian told me you gonna quit I rly felt empty, I didn't see that one coming. a quote from Kian "now I have to do all the hard stuff myself" I bet he did rly appreciate all the stuff you did for him and together :) anyway you are/were an amazing leader of Parallel and the short time I where there before I went to rosal, it was always full of joy and fun, you're also an amazing dofusplayer so known about the boss' - I rly gonna miss your sac running around and be sad when I look at your achievements points xD dw one day I'll get the same - I'll send you a pic when I reach the same among of points :b
  3. CY@

    As written to you on skype, I definitely going to miss you - gonna be weird not to see you around as much/not at all and not receiving any lame comments (of my fights) or funny inputs - so I look forward to all the spamming on skype xD whenever you need me ;)
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