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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

      The old server sections will still be viewable at the bottom of the forum list under Legacy Servers, but read only. If you wish for any thread to be moved to the new sections, please report your own thread to bring it to our attention and tell us where you need it to go.


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  1. U fucking stalker

  2. Aww tyzii :( I rly gonna miss you! But first thing first - hit Kian for me xD jk. When Kian told me you gonna quit I rly felt empty, I didn't see that one coming. a quote from Kian "now I have to do all the hard stuff myself" I bet he did rly appreciate all the stuff you did for him and together :) anyway you are/were an amazing leader of Parallel and the short time I where there before I went to rosal, it was always full of joy and fun, you're also an amazing dofusplayer so known about the boss' - I rly gonna miss your sac running around and be sad when I look at your achievements points xD dw one day I'll get the same - I'll send you a pic when I reach the same among of points :b
  3. CY@

    As written to you on skype, I definitely going to miss you - gonna be weird not to see you around as much/not at all and not receiving any lame comments (of my fights) or funny inputs - so I look forward to all the spamming on skype xD whenever you need me ;)
  4. Xelorium portal at [-14,29] (126 uses) ecaflipus at [-28,-57]
  5. Enurado [-48,10] - 106 uses left 22 hours 54 minutes Ecaflip [-57,2] - 33 uses left 21 hours and 26 minutes
  6. Enurado [-55,16] 70 users left - left from canopy zaap
  7. Ecaflipus [9,-3]