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  1. This turned out wonderful, I saw the WIPs you were posting on Discord!! The green highlights really add to it :D
  2. Hello hello, I've escaped from escapism hell (not) and i'm back with like one new thing (but hopefully more to come). Celebrating my guild's third Kwismas, this was a great year with us finally hitting level 200!! Wouldn't be the place it is without the multitude of incredible people who've called it home, both the active members pictured below and the veterans who've moved on (in life, I hope). Plans for future drawings include finishing a monster commission, a few small works and a tribute piece to our retiring CCMs on the OF (but thats a secret)
  3. Enjoy your milk, Santa Nutpines *Pinenuts
  4. I realized my mistake as soon as I posted it, please forgive me ;_;
  5. It's great to have you back around! I've been using your guides since I came back to Dofus, and they've crutched me through more dungeons and quests than I'd really care to admit. What Quadro says is correct - don't pressure yourself to churn out content as fast as possible. I still use and refer people back to your dofus/Srambad/Enurado guides just because of how quality you are. Good stuff lasts. Edit edit: how could I forget the Vulk guide, which saved my life Thanks for everything you do, and I'm looking forward to your Patreon!!
  6. Yes! I don't see a lot of fanart of her and while she's not my favourite sidekick, I love her look and wish I could have her hat! Also Ill make you both some fanclub™ badges then
  7. Hello! I'm back, I've defeated the artblock and just in time to give up on hobbies for the start of the school year :^) Here's a Gudetama for Sunbathe Toxine (gun? what gun??) And my half-leveled Eliotrope, Nephilady!
  8. @Sunbathe I just used my first pets as kama fodder and worked them to death repeatedly on games for like a week, built up a decent stock of kamas/items and then made an actual 'keeper pet' to raise in the lap of f2p luxury. Unless I've missed something there's no real downside to doing this, other than resetting the daily bonus whenever you kill it.
  9. As far as I know, all non-dungeon maps updated several updates ago to change starting positions every time a mob was beaten.
  10. Hello I'm alive, been commissioned a lot of non-Dofus stuff so I haven't had much to post here! Also got a real job and am busy dying on the inside Just a stack of quick doodles and holy shit i forgot to finish updating that other post oh my god Saif told me to do this ye
  11. Tripleposting? I feel so edgy, so powerful; here's a new whack of commissions I blitzed through in a post-vacation, caffeine-fueled frenzy! A few weren't actually dofus-related so I won't be posting here, though. I'll also be editing my first two posts (basically swapping their content) and updating my commission information. Prices won't be changing, but I'll be clarifying a few categories and making it a bit more legible/comprehensive, hopefully. ALSO, in case you haven't seen't yet, I'm doing the colouring for a large collaboration project with Zatanahielil which you should check out! Completed signature for Kyffles! Completed commission for Pokii! And a sweet commission for myself (free of charge, so magnanimous) of my Osamodas, Kanazure.
  12. Hello double post but its totally worth it look I'm working on improving my colouring skills and I'm really liking how that's going! This was a huge commission and honestly probably one of my favourite completed pieces to date. Thanks to Kyumari for ordering and modeling it! And here's hair-cat's fabulous ensemble And my high-end impressionistic farewell piece ft. Astrub Zaap 12 seconds before Solar closed forever. AND, more ands, an important PSA in case you missed it in her thread - Zatanahielil has a poll up for a near-future collaboration project between the two of us!
  13. I've Voted! I'm super excited to see what you'll cook up for this and I cant wait to get my bony claws into those crisp, uncoloured pngs *3* And that Astrub Knight comic? Relatable. As. Hell.
  14. Hello, I'm back again (with art). Thanks for the reviews, both of you, I'm glad I made a good impression uvu I've got a whack of finished commissions (okay it's only like, two, but they've been a while in the making! First up is Zatana's finished commission. Loved the idea she had for it, and it was tons of fun working on it. (May post a different version depending on which she prefers). Absolute pleasure to work with, and I 100% recommend checking out her Deviantart - she does incredible stuff! My second finished commission is for Zincer-gr (soon to be formerly of Solar) of his Xelor! Was also great working with him, and he was very happy with how it turned out. Aaand I've also got my new avatar done (its too warm for scarf and hat profile now) so here's my sram ft. Noodle's glasses,