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  1. I can't wait to see more of your stuff! (Its great) Super glad you're going to start posting here :D
  2. School's over for the year, so I should be a bit more active with drawing again! Here are a few completed commissions and some drawings I've been saving up. Commission for Madness-bombs of his rogue blowing himself up (oops). Attempted a new style, not sure how I feel about it. Commission for Sunbathe of his Iop (adorable) Commission for Braviary of his huppermage - he wasn't too happy with how it turned out, so I'll likely be doing a redo of this one. And here's a firey sketch I did quickly
  3. Is it possible to bump my own thread? (and just as importantly, is it actually allowed? Apologies if it is not) Here's a doge though
  4. :^) ty Here's Julith!
  5. Hello, school has started again so I've not had as much time to draw, however I did manage to finish up an avatar commission for rob (to match his scandalous signature) And a self-indulgent redraw of my team :)
  6. Wow, I love your linework and how alive you make your drawings feel, it's always something I struggle with. I'm glad to see you're back, I can't wait to see more!
  7. Just a few small things: My rogue, because Rob's commission has rekindled my love of loose, derpy drawings: And the signature commission for Rob :^)
  8. I am still around, I dropped you a pm :) I received two commission orders since putting this up: A small avatar for Sunbathe's exceptionally fashionable Iop and a full body drawing of Homeboy's panda! Home's was definitely a challenge and I screwed up royally with that backwards-gripped tankard kill me but I got some great feedback and home is a lovely model thank you
  9. Oh jeez thanks everyone this is amazing Commission Prices! Small Doodle: 200kk Just something silly, any gear any char - whatever you like. Avatar/Icon: 1mk Pet or a face, variable expressions, small but shaded and coloured. Bust: 2mk Waist or shoulders up, shaded. Full char: 4mk Flat colours! +shading: 1.5mk +background: 4mk See: nekko's wallpaper commission, first post. Additional characters, mounts, and intricate details will cost extra. I don't do fiddly machinery I'm looking at YOU, Foggernaut Harness, excessive gore, or NSFW pictures. I don't mind non-dofus requests, and if you're not sure it never hurts to ask! Commission Ordering If you're interested having something drawn, please send me a PM! I'll need the following information: Name and server: Who are you what do you want, and where do you keep your money Screenshot: Of what you would like drawn, preferably with a couple angles - no transparent mode. If it is a character, make sure they're wearing what you want them drawn in. Remember to note down anything not visible in the screen. Feel free to include references for poses or backgrounds as well! Description: Which pricing category, what extra details you'd like, preferred size, etc Once I get this I can look over your stuff and my stuff and decide if A) I can do this B) I want to do this and C) how much it will cost. Once I've assessed this I'll get back to you with whether I can accept the commission (usually based on my schedule) and how much it's going to put you in the hole for. If it's a larger project I may give you my Skype details (or whatever the kids are using these days) just to make it easier to check in. I think that's everything, please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any non-commission/non-existential questions as well!
  10. Hey Giga! Good to see you! <3 I do take kamas, but I'm also willing to negotiate for select items as well. My art is all drawn in Paint Tool SAI, and I use an ancient Wacom Bamboo tablet for input.
  11. Hello everyone! I'm Caps, I've been a lurker on Imps for some time now. I'm fairly active on the OF, but the OF is not very active with me - my current art thread there does not get a lot of traffic, which means I'm usually forced to re-edit new art onto my last post. This turns into a cycle of invisibility for my drawings, which is only acceptable for my drawings of Srams. It's discouraging! Also Nerodos gets mad because sometimes I post on the wrong account I'm sorry mushroom man I love you So now I'm here to share some of my older drawings (for now) as well as my new work (hopefully for some time to come)! Solar players may recognize some of the following hot bods, since I like to jump people at Astrub Zaap, paintbrush in hand. I'll also take this opportunity to plug my Twitch, Deviantart and Tumblr. And without further ado, here's my art dump! My Sram! Most important. The six Multimen, Scale's legs are goals A dear friend and beast Sacrier An edit of The Creation of Adam, featuring two of my friend's characters and misc. guild members A dumb comic about my rogue started in a delusional fit of grandeur (but never continued) Queen of Thieves! Only took 5 years off my life making this, no sweat I'm also looking in to formally opening commissions, as I just completed my first actual, paid project and it went really well! Below are some examples of avatars I've done (mostly for myself, I'm vain like that), followed by some sketchy doodle stuff and my three largest pieces (including a full-on wallpaper). That's all I've got for you for now, but I have great plans for the holidays mostly involving a lot of self-serving artwork. Or commissions! (hopefully commissions) If you've got any comments/critiques/questions please fire away, and thank you for reading!
  12. Hey so, had a chat with Kling He said he feels confident in volunteering as a Sram, Eni or Panda. Iop as well, but he feels that Sweet would be a more ideal candidate. Enu may also be a possibility, but he says he'd need exos on it. I don't know if Sweet/other magi are willing to volunteer their time? I can help with runes. Papa Meatplanter is too busy with irl things to participate this year.
  13. I'm flattered but I am a wet noodle in pvp. Regarding Ascension members: I spoke to Kimos and Exio - Kimos gave me a maybe, and no reply of yet from the latter. Clutch expressed some interest, so I forwarded him to Sweet (his dodgy internet may be a problem though). Hair declined, citing lack of pvp experience. Kling I haven't had a chance to speak to yet.