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  1. As far as I know, all non-dungeon maps updated several updates ago to change starting positions every time a mob was beaten.
  2. Hello I'm alive, been commissioned a lot of non-Dofus stuff so I haven't had much to post here! Also got a real job and am busy dying on the inside Just a stack of quick doodles and holy shit i forgot to finish updating that other post oh my god Saif told me to do this ye
  3. Tripleposting? I feel so edgy, so powerful; here's a new whack of commissions I blitzed through in a post-vacation, caffeine-fueled frenzy! A few weren't actually dofus-related so I won't be posting here, though. I'll also be editing my first two posts (basically swapping their content) and updating my commission information. Prices won't be changing, but I'll be clarifying a few categories and making it a bit more legible/comprehensive, hopefully. ALSO, in case you haven't seen't yet, I'm doing the colouring for a large collaboration project with Zatanahielil which you should check out! Completed signature for Kyffles! Completed commission for Pokii! And a sweet commission for myself (free of charge, so magnanimous) of my Osamodas, Kanazure.
  4. Hello double post but its totally worth it look I'm working on improving my colouring skills and I'm really liking how that's going! This was a huge commission and honestly probably one of my favourite completed pieces to date. Thanks to Kyumari for ordering and modeling it! And here's hair-cat's fabulous ensemble And my high-end impressionistic farewell piece ft. Astrub Zaap 12 seconds before Solar closed forever. AND, more ands, an important PSA in case you missed it in her thread - Zatanahielil has a poll up for a near-future collaboration project between the two of us!
  5. I've Voted! I'm super excited to see what you'll cook up for this and I cant wait to get my bony claws into those crisp, uncoloured pngs *3* And that Astrub Knight comic? Relatable. As. Hell.
  6. Hello, I'm back again (with art). Thanks for the reviews, both of you, I'm glad I made a good impression uvu I've got a whack of finished commissions (okay it's only like, two, but they've been a while in the making! First up is Zatana's finished commission. Loved the idea she had for it, and it was tons of fun working on it. (May post a different version depending on which she prefers). Absolute pleasure to work with, and I 100% recommend checking out her Deviantart - she does incredible stuff! My second finished commission is for Zincer-gr (soon to be formerly of Solar) of his Xelor! Was also great working with him, and he was very happy with how it turned out. Aaand I've also got my new avatar done (its too warm for scarf and hat profile now) so here's my sram ft. Noodle's glasses,
  7. I can't wait to see more of your stuff! (Its great) Super glad you're going to start posting here :D
  8. School's over for the year, so I should be a bit more active with drawing again! Here are a few completed commissions and some drawings I've been saving up. Commission for Madness-bombs of his rogue blowing himself up (oops). Attempted a new style, not sure how I feel about it. Commission for Sunbathe of his Iop (adorable) Commission for Braviary of his huppermage - he wasn't too happy with how it turned out, so I'll likely be doing a redo of this one. And here's a firey sketch I did quickly
  9. Is it possible to bump my own thread? (and just as importantly, is it actually allowed? Apologies if it is not) Here's a doge though
  10. :^) ty Here's Julith!
  11. Hello, school has started again so I've not had as much time to draw, however I did manage to finish up an avatar commission for rob (to match his scandalous signature) And a self-indulgent redraw of my team :)
  12. Wow, I love your linework and how alive you make your drawings feel, it's always something I struggle with. I'm glad to see you're back, I can't wait to see more!
  13. Just a few small things: My rogue, because Rob's commission has rekindled my love of loose, derpy drawings: And the signature commission for Rob :^)
  14. I am still around, I dropped you a pm :) I received two commission orders since putting this up: A small avatar for Sunbathe's exceptionally fashionable Iop and a full body drawing of Homeboy's panda! Home's was definitely a challenge and I screwed up royally with that backwards-gripped tankard kill me but I got some great feedback and home is a lovely model thank you
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