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  1. Ankama keep trying to outdo themselves with every revamp/new release. gg wp
  2. 199 vit 12% all except 1 res is 11%
  3. nice assumption
  4. i agree however hes talking about the lack of action from tezar which is bit odd
  5. hes kolod often enuf to show his skills mean while wheres your kolos ?
  6. if hes good at the class and has sets why not
  7. you have my vote tezar <3
  8. doesn't mean ur good at any
  9. Ya goults not a possibility for solar anymore (ty ankama) but at least we can hope for ISK (probs expect it june of 2017) but ye
  10. Cross me off as mask, I'll let sona go as mask. mdr
  11. masktr quality zobal, finest in the world of twelve he has my vote
  12. u cud help me XD..
  13. enus being covered he cud reg for sram/eni or panda cus no word from homenub
  14. Ive seen him in perc defenses hes not as bad as he thinks + hes 1 of the very few left on solar that knows sram well , other than apprent shadow or nekko, so he has my vote. +1