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  1. Oh goody, another class. Just what the game needed!
  2. I've known some solo accounters in my lifetime and they were all quite happy with their decision of sticking to 1 account. Having said that, the more accounts you have, the easier everything else is as you become extremely self-sufficient. Beating dungeons, dropping stuff, exping, professions, tile-sitting to name a few are some major advantages of multi-accounting. The less attractive side of this is the larger p2p and gear expenses but as a multi-accounter of 4 myself, it's well worth it.
  3. I have no idea who you are but I still felt obligated to wish you the very best in life. Take care man.
  4. I'm paying 14-17m for the Bearbaric Band with the below stats. Also paying 29m for an Ochre Dofus. Vit [240+] Str/Int [55+] Wis [30+] Crits 4/4 Neut/Str/Int Dmg [10+ all] Res 7/7 Lock [3+] Hit me up on Golden-Etemaii
  5. Bought everything, can close. Thanks
  6. If the devs treat newbies like trash, then newbies will treat the game like trash and not play it anymore. As I've said in another post, apart from the problem that Dofus is facing with regards to new players actually joining the game, the f2p content is severely lacking. Also, Incarnam is not only deserted but newcomers have no way to communicate with one another in the chat like they used to anyway. Also, complicating the game makes it less attractive to everyone- new and old players. Eliotropes, rogues and other classes are simply to complicated for the average gamer to understand and it takes a lot of patience to get a hold of these characters- too much patience for a new guy to have. "That's 150,000 players less than 2 years ago- no prob. Who gives a fuck about them if they don't pay right? Fuck them and their pretentious asses. " The problem is that Ankama are in debt towards a new player i.e. they have to offer a good enough product for the average gamer to say, "Yeah, I'll pay and play." If the product is based on a take-it-or-leave-it ideology, the only one losing out will be Ankama. From these responses I'm making out the devs to be really immature and naive, it's astonishing. TLDR: Cater for new people and maybe they'll play your game and if you're lucky- they'll pay for it too.
  7. During the past 3 days, I collected 4 rare fish: Quixote Swordfish, Humonkfish, Frozen Icefish and a Rock Eel and I've finally completed my personal objective of crafting an Inky. This is nowhere near incredible, op or anything like that but it is the first Inky that I have ever crafted and I'm really content with the stats I managed to get with the minimal knowledge of maging that I have under my belt. How much do you guys think that it costs? Cheers
  8. Spell dropping? More spells and complicated ones for that matter? New token mechanic which I could barely understand from that poor explanation? All sound like a recipe for quitting for real this time. This isn't the Dofus I've been playing for around 10 years and always coming back to after a while. The more I grow up, the less time I have to try and understand shitty new mechanics which are implemented for god knows what reason. I'm all for change, but I'm starting to think that this will all be too much.
  9. bored

    Around 6 months ago I tried doing Meno and I kept getting fucked since my damage spike of the whole team doesn't equate to Meno's hp. Guess who people suggested for me to get to help me run it?
  10. Well, admitting their wrongdoings is the first step but I don't know if creating a whole new game while keeping the name the same (god knows why) just to turn over a new leaf is almost, dare I say it, childish from Ankama's part. I have done that before with one of my characters about 7/8 years ago. I had levelled all spells to lvl 2/3, completely fucked up my stats etc so I decided to just start fresh. Ankama can't do that though, it's a game we're talking about, how can they throw away all the good content they've created over the years. Yes, good content. I.e. what makes this game unique, classes, dungeons, equipment, pvp etc. Now is the time that they pay for their carelessness with regards to advertising and the welcoming (or lack thereof) of new players. Firstly, unless they sponsor this new game on multiple platforms, it will considerably fail as much as Dofus does to get new players. What I mean by sponsoring/advertising is getting the game on Steam, Miniclip and other platforms. How else are they going to keep a steady influx of new players? By word of mouth alone? Secondly, even if Ankama were given 1,000 new players for Dofus right now, most of them would quit an hour in. Low-level areas are completely deserted, they aren't allowed to speak in the Incarnam chat like they used to, the restricted f2p content is sickening...need I go further? That's what you get for only paying attention to the elite who constantly want new hardcore dungeons for them to blaze through. Not to mention other colossal fuck-ups like AvA, 1v1 pvp, community challenges, dungeon-party searching and more. Jesus christ just goddamn listen to us instead of playing god and throwing updates and class "balances" in our faces. Do you know who knows best about what the community wants and needs? The community.
  11. bored

    Not really an enemy but I'll get some hate: Eliotropes. Get ready for the roast boys~ I can't for the life of me stand the fact that eliotropes are normally a MUST HAVE if you want to complete high-tier dungeons and their duos. The elio/iop combo is retardedly overpowered. "Hurr durr I've duo'd Count, Meno, Vortex, Dantinea and Jesus Christ with my elio/iop hurr hurr." Fuck off. Dishing out more damage than I can even think of just by placing a few portals here and there, that just sucks the fun out of the game for me. "But placing portals is hard..." Fuck off once again. At first it may be hard, but once you get the hang of it, nothing stands in your way. Wrath turn? Hit on this portal: bam 20k dmg. What the flippin fuck? Then if I try to complete Meno, Dantinea etc with my team (sram/panda/iop/eni) NOPE. Dead as fuck in a few turns. I then ask people for advice: "Get an elio" GODDAMN IT. NO. I won't get such a retardedly overpowered character just to run a dungeon effortlessly. Fucking eliotropes should be deleted. Rant over.
  12. I hope this will be an interesting read for those of you who lurk these forums. Having said that, let me begin. Fellow fishermen might remember the days during which we would get to know people simply by fishing in the same spots. I know I used to meet people all the time when I used to fish in Shika a few years ago. It used to start with "Hey" and "What's your fisher lvl?". I had gotten to know some pretty cool people back in the day. Fast-forward to the present day; I tend to hit the Kanig Village fishing spots every now and then to level my fisherman. Keep in mind that to be able to use the Kanig Village zaap, you need to be in the alliance which currently has the territory under its wing. There are only three maps with fishing spots but they're pretty neat to level up with. Ever since I found this place I've seen a sacrier patrol these fishing spots, but only attempting to fish for one specific fish; swordfish. He wears a Minotot Set with a Nomoon and so I didn't give him much attention at first as I thought he was just a fellow player who wanted to drop the rare version of the swordfish (the name eludes me at this point). But this situation began to intrigue me. Whenever I was on, if it were in the late afternoon after work or in the very early morning, I would see him there, continuously patrolling these 3 maps till a swordfish spawns. One day while I was fishing in Kanig Village I told him 'hi' yet to no response. At this point I wanted an answer. I pm'd him and he still didn't reply. I said to myself, alright he just doesn't want to socialise. Fair enough. Yet till this very day I see him patrol the same 3 spots day and night, 24/7. One day I went full on leechie-annoying mode and I tried to invite him to my group/kolo. I was amazed at how he declined all the invitations as soon as they popped up. This is something a bot does, right? But how was this bot in a legit guild of one of the major alliances of Rushu? But what really left me dumb-struck was in one night at about 1am. I was doing my last patrol for the day in the Kanig Village and I found him there, this time, he was aggroed by a swordfish devourer. I spectated the fight and I saw him summoning a sword. After he passed, the sword moved and passed too. The fight then paused/lagged for about 5 seconds till it just ended. Plain and simple. The devourer was still yet to be hit but the sacrier still won. What do you think? Is this guy a bot or not? What makes me think otherwise is that he's in a legit guild (-Rebellion-) in the INT alliance. What do you guys think? I hope this doesn't turn out to be too tedious to read but I was too curios to see the verdict that other forumers might provide. :D
  13. Months passed after that incident. I had graduated from university and moved out from my parents' house. That whole fiasco was behind me now. I had moved on. Some nostalgia, coupled with a few days off work had spiked my interest in Dofus and I began playing again. Since money was tight, I could only use one account at a time on my shitty laptop but I decided to give Dofus another shot anyway. I opened up my old fisherman account: Level 198 Fisherman I had forgotten. Prior to the incident that had haunted me in my sleep for weeks on end, I had completely abandoned my project of hitting lvl 200 on my fisher. I knew what I had to do. Being an 'official' adult meant that I couldn't play Dofus as much as I used to due to work, friends etc so the progress was slow. Some days I would get back home from work and level up my fisher at around 11pm going till 1am at which time guilt and self-hatred had guilt-trapped me to sleep to prepare for work the next day. One night, I left my fisher at lvl 199 with only 20% to go till the glorious lvl 200 but I was tired and I went to sleep. The next day was a blur. Work seemed to go by longer than usual but I was focused on getting home to hit those fishing spots. After work ended, I raced home, skipped dinner and logged onto Dofus. You are now a level 200 Fisherman! "What the flying fuck?" I blurted out. Perplexed, I checked for any evidence of keylogging but only then did it dawn on me- who the hell would keylog me just to level my fisherman? All my equips were there but as soon as I opened my resource-inventory, I shuddered. Swordfish. A FUCKTON of them. I began shivering as the nightmares started to latch onto my brain once again. The old sacrier. Kanig Village. Swordfish... No. That is what I said. "No." I wasn't going to relive those demonic days. I was a grown adult now, I didn't have time for petty hackers, or whatever that thing was. I uninstalled Dofus and made an oath to myself to never play it again. Months passed. I was doing well at work, I had started hitting the gym again, my rent wasn't stacking up...things were going well. Until one day. I went back to my apartment after another day's work but as I fished for the keys inside my pocket, I realised that I didn't need them as the door of my room was bashed open. I looked around for signs of robbery but to my surprise, nothing was stolen. The only problem was that there was a smell of fish in my room- a faint one. I thought that it was probably some guy outside unloading fishing crates or something so I just thought I'd go to sleep for the day. As soon as I thrust my foot inside the bottom of the sheets, it hit a slimy object at the bottom of my bed. "What the fuck?" I got out of bed and started dragging the sheets away. The smell of fish became a full-on stench by now and as I dragged my last sheet away, I saw it. A swordfish. To be continued if demanded.
  14. So after taking a break of a few months I felt the desire to play Dofus again yet I remembered why I quit in the first place; there was little for me left to do. Now I've been playing this game for around 9 years (on and off) and during this time I've always had something cool to do; dungeons, levelling a skill, creating new characters etc. But now that my 4 chars are lvl 200 I don't have the intention on creating more (cba with levelling chars from scratch plus I don't think I'd be able to equally love my characters if I create more and more). I've seen the changelog and the comments on the latest update; there's a lot of negativity to say the least. They say that they made osas overpowered as fuck and they also kind of fucked up with the interface of most things, which sucks but I think I can adapt to that as it's a subjective matter. I've ran frig 3 and every other dungeon which doesn't require those broken eliotropes, I have almost every profession maxed, exos on almost every character and so on. Of course, I'm not as hardcore as most of you here who run around with 8 man teams blitzing bosses left-right and centre but I've come a pretty long way I think. I loved the Seemyool update and I used to breed them right before the prices went to shit (like 70kk for a golden seemyool last I checked). So my question to you fine folks is; is there anything else left in the game for me? I was gonna try that new Inter Server Kolo but with those (probably) broken osas running around, I'm not very encouraged. What do you guys do? What are your goals in this game (that I may not have completed)? I'll be glad to read whatever you guys have to say, cheers
  15. Wild seemyools, like mounts, run away after mating if they are wild. Although I do have a wild Seemyool male that didn't flee after mating..
  16. Those old school sets made me smile On topic; Try to find a money-making method to earn yourself the money to buy certain mats to craft the gear you want since it's more affordable to craft your own rather than buying it. There are many 'new' sets worth mentioning for ex Missiz Freezz hat is great for str hybrids but it does require you to beat the dungeon once in order to get the mats. If you decide to buy all the mats it will cost you a pretty penny. To be fair, you don't need to get top-tier endgame equips to make progress in Frig dungeons since most of them are probably doable with your equips. Keep in mind that before frig 3 dungs came out, everyone had old-school gear yet they still managed to beat them.
  17. Love ya Edit; so to complete the quest I'm talking about, do I have to complete every other quest before that? Can't believe I have to kill Captain Meno just to venture further lol
  18. Interesting topic. On the same note, has anyone done the quest called "The Key to the __" (can't remember it's exact name but it's a quest in the new Sufokia). I need to be able to buy a Steamopump to venture deeper into the Abyss but some quests are plain impossible on certain characters and I need to know which questline I need to complete. I'll check the full name once the maintenance is over.
  19. I'm looking to buy a decent AP maged Missiz Freezz Ring. I want the ring to be nothing special but not shit on the other hand. I'm paying in the price pool of 17m for the ring (give or take depending on the stats). I'm mostly on with my main Golden-Etemaii. Either pm me in-game or drop a message here, cheers~ EDIT: Turq bought, for the ring I'm offering up to 20m if I like the stats but don't tell me that you want 50m for it because it won't happen. EDIT 2: Bought the ring. Can be closed now.
  20. The reality is that for most people Dofus isn't a game; it's a race. It's a race to get to 200, to scroll everything, to get exo mages and to make as much money as possible. A few months/years (at most) later these people will quit saying that they miss 1.29 (the fuck?). The first 199 levels weren't meant to be breezed through like most people do (this includes me, admittedly, since even I leeched most of my characters). I honestly think that they should drastically reduce the xp gained from Frigost and buff the xp/rewards gained from quests and dungeons. Yes, there will always be leechers but I think that eventually, people will get tired of the drag it takes to level quickly. Also, multi-accounting is another problem. Nowadays people don't have the time to stick around newcomers and help them out since they're probably either at kolo or they're hardcore-farming some dungeon. So grab a pan, put some leechers and multi-accounters with a pinch of uninteresting quests/content, stir firmly and you have the current state of Dofus.
  21. I think capturing an Ebony in large mobs is impossible unless you can blitz everything in under 4 turns. After that, it's useless to cast Mount Taming cos the seemyool won't be in the tamable state anymore.
  22. Is there anything I can do to keep me logged into Imps? Whenever I want to use it I have to Sign in and submit my user/pass (which at least is remembered). Call me lazy but having to load the page twice so that I can comment/like stuff isn't very appealing.
  23. Joined with one of my alts and it's hands down the most sociable and friendly guild that I've ever been in since I've moved to Rushu. Sensible and mature talk, respect to one another, brilliant. I'd suggest this guild to anyone really.
  24. As an ex-Shikan, I'm sorry to break it to you but the server that we loved so much a few years ago is gone. No people at all at -2,0 at any given time, markets which are practically empty compared to other real servers, zero kolossium battles, merchant maps which are completely barren, no trade/recruit messages at all except for the usual bot; these are some reasons why Shika is dead and it will never return to its good days in which it used to flourish. Having said that, the community there is better than that of Rushu and I'll tell you why. Since so many people moved to Rushu, Shika was left with a handful of players and because of this, the community is very sociable, accepting and friendly. Whenever people cross paths with each other on Shika, they both say hello and most of the time become friends. On Rushu, people don't even flinch at the sight of another player. The point being is that the population of Shika has dwindled so much to the point that it's actually a rare occurrence to see another player, which is inherently, a good thing as people are more close to one another. @Mikefield You have to evaluate what you want from your return to this game. If you want to chill out and run the occasional dungeon with old friends (if they haven't quit or moved like most have done), then Shika offers the most laid-back option (although providing p2p to alts is almost impossible since the markets are almost useless). But if you'd like a challenge, be it PvP or PvM, I'd suggest you to join Rushu, where you'll have access to the best-of-the-best gear and obviously a greater chance to mix with people. If you do join Rushu, make sure to drop a pm my way and I'll be glad to welcome you. :)