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  1. Weird request you might think? Hear me out. I need someone who has access to this NPC (only available once you complete quests pertaining to the Sufokian Abyss Dungeons) to help me exchange my tons of seemyool certificates into tokens and then exchange the tokens for something I want. What's in it for you? You get to keep a good 35% of the tokens from the certificates I hand you. Basically I'm giving out free tokens that you can use for your liking. If you are an honest dude/gal, hit me up in-game (Golden-Etemaii). This isn't only for a one-time demand. Every so often I will drop you a pm to do this process again. Thanks
  2. Yeah I talked to the guy running his account and he didn't seem very talkative to say the least. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep trying to find someone.
  3. Dluffy was a dead end. Bumping this up~
  4. Thanks! Will try to drop him a pm when I log in tonight.
  5. So no change to eni's Puzzling Word?
  6. Yes I had that shell as a spiral shell so I thought it'd had to fit in with the current images at some point. And yeah the astrolabe...had no idea what that thing is xd never heard of it EDIT: Just confirmed that open jar and urn are the same thing in treasure hunts, both verify as clues.
  7. A few more for you to add: 1) Spiral shell (additional image): http://imgur.com/a/uWklN 2) Crate of red fruit: http://imgur.com/a/Gkf1U 3) Spherical astrolabe: http://imgur.com/a/dljwB
  8. Got cancer from this post. Send help.
  9. Yes I guess the little crab is fucking with us haha nvm then.
  10. This type of fisherman's crate behind the NPC isn't included in the list of pictures. There are many variations of it apparently and this is one of them.
  11. Not sure about that one, have to get a treasure hunt to suggest me an urn and I'll check it out but the chances of that are quite slim. I've got 3 more clues for you to add (pos and map id included in images): 1) Fisherman's crate: http://imgur.com/a/bqOwo 2) Beach towel: http://imgur.com/a/pf71m 3) Destroyed boat: http://imgur.com/a/SJwi7
  12. ^^^This is why Imps>official forums On topic; I love the changes. The trophies were eclipsing the Dofuses since the stats were either better or equivalent apart from being cheaper. And the Kralove update will help a lot, no more useless recruiting for specific classes. Brilliant
  13. Sums up my opinion about this. I've just started using it. Good job Mavvo, well done.
  14. If you've got the cash to splash I'd suggest taking the direct route of AP exoing one of the other non-exo'd items. It would leave you room for the weapon of your choice after all.
  15. Oh goody, another class. Just what the game needed!
  16. I've known some solo accounters in my lifetime and they were all quite happy with their decision of sticking to 1 account. Having said that, the more accounts you have, the easier everything else is as you become extremely self-sufficient. Beating dungeons, dropping stuff, exping, professions, tile-sitting to name a few are some major advantages of multi-accounting. The less attractive side of this is the larger p2p and gear expenses but as a multi-accounter of 4 myself, it's well worth it.
  17. I have no idea who you are but I still felt obligated to wish you the very best in life. Take care man.
  18. I'm paying 14-17m for the Bearbaric Band with the below stats. Also paying 29m for an Ochre Dofus. Vit [240+] Str/Int [55+] Wis [30+] Crits 4/4 Neut/Str/Int Dmg [10+ all] Res 7/7 Lock [3+] Hit me up on Golden-Etemaii
  19. Bought everything, can close. Thanks
  20. If the devs treat newbies like trash, then newbies will treat the game like trash and not play it anymore. As I've said in another post, apart from the problem that Dofus is facing with regards to new players actually joining the game, the f2p content is severely lacking. Also, Incarnam is not only deserted but newcomers have no way to communicate with one another in the chat like they used to anyway. Also, complicating the game makes it less attractive to everyone- new and old players. Eliotropes, rogues and other classes are simply to complicated for the average gamer to understand and it takes a lot of patience to get a hold of these characters- too much patience for a new guy to have. "That's 150,000 players less than 2 years ago- no prob. Who gives a fuck about them if they don't pay right? Fuck them and their pretentious asses. " The problem is that Ankama are in debt towards a new player i.e. they have to offer a good enough product for the average gamer to say, "Yeah, I'll pay and play." If the product is based on a take-it-or-leave-it ideology, the only one losing out will be Ankama. From these responses I'm making out the devs to be really immature and naive, it's astonishing. TLDR: Cater for new people and maybe they'll play your game and if you're lucky- they'll pay for it too.
  21. During the past 3 days, I collected 4 rare fish: Quixote Swordfish, Humonkfish, Frozen Icefish and a Rock Eel and I've finally completed my personal objective of crafting an Inky. This is nowhere near incredible, op or anything like that but it is the first Inky that I have ever crafted and I'm really content with the stats I managed to get with the minimal knowledge of maging that I have under my belt. How much do you guys think that it costs? Cheers
  22. Spell dropping? More spells and complicated ones for that matter? New token mechanic which I could barely understand from that poor explanation? All sound like a recipe for quitting for real this time. This isn't the Dofus I've been playing for around 10 years and always coming back to after a while. The more I grow up, the less time I have to try and understand shitty new mechanics which are implemented for god knows what reason. I'm all for change, but I'm starting to think that this will all be too much.
  23. bored

    Around 6 months ago I tried doing Meno and I kept getting fucked since my damage spike of the whole team doesn't equate to Meno's hp. Guess who people suggested for me to get to help me run it?
  24. Well, admitting their wrongdoings is the first step but I don't know if creating a whole new game while keeping the name the same (god knows why) just to turn over a new leaf is almost, dare I say it, childish from Ankama's part. I have done that before with one of my characters about 7/8 years ago. I had levelled all spells to lvl 2/3, completely fucked up my stats etc so I decided to just start fresh. Ankama can't do that though, it's a game we're talking about, how can they throw away all the good content they've created over the years. Yes, good content. I.e. what makes this game unique, classes, dungeons, equipment, pvp etc. Now is the time that they pay for their carelessness with regards to advertising and the welcoming (or lack thereof) of new players. Firstly, unless they sponsor this new game on multiple platforms, it will considerably fail as much as Dofus does to get new players. What I mean by sponsoring/advertising is getting the game on Steam, Miniclip and other platforms. How else are they going to keep a steady influx of new players? By word of mouth alone? Secondly, even if Ankama were given 1,000 new players for Dofus right now, most of them would quit an hour in. Low-level areas are completely deserted, they aren't allowed to speak in the Incarnam chat like they used to, the restricted f2p content is sickening...need I go further? That's what you get for only paying attention to the elite who constantly want new hardcore dungeons for them to blaze through. Not to mention other colossal fuck-ups like AvA, 1v1 pvp, community challenges, dungeon-party searching and more. Jesus christ just goddamn listen to us instead of playing god and throwing updates and class "balances" in our faces. Do you know who knows best about what the community wants and needs? The community.