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  1. Kyth! *bows* Great to know you are still around, alive and well! Yes, seems like many moons ago. (it is) Glad to see so many familiar names from my youth. Once again, glad you are okay!
  2. Hey bro, does your memory include this super old screen? xD
  3. I came back early January with Dusteh (Deadly) and Ward (Time-Ruler) to Shika, we heard about Dofus 3 and wanted to experience content before then. Now awaiting server merges, 2.40, Dofus Re-eval, and Ougi's!
  4. Sounds like you're just being lazy to me becausethere are many solo accounters that have Ochre's. What makes you so different? Find ways to make the kamas to then buy or craft your own stones, then rinse repeat. In addition, I know of many people that sell specific souls. This isn't rocket science. Your inability to think outside of the box is what is hindering you in your own endeavors and goals.
  5. I've returned to the game after an almost 7 year hiatus. So much has changed so much is new. I am loving where I am at the moment yet finding it a bit frustrating pinpointing what exactly I am capable of. To start, I play with 4 characters 100% of the time. 2 completely geared (Sram/Panda) and two effectively leeching until geared. I am flexible on subbing additional characters however am at a loss as to what exactly are my best options due to class changes, revamps and the like. That's where you come in. I ask that you keep in mind I will only take advice that keeps my Sram (main) within the composition. Thanks kindly! What I Have Account #1: 19x Sram (Agi) Account #2: 19x Iop (Str) Account #3: 19x Panda (Cha) Account #4: 19x Elio (Agi) / 18x Enu (Cha) / Xelor Account #5: 19x Eni (unsubbed) Account #6: 19x Sac (unsubbed) Account #7: 18x Cra (unsubbed) What I Want Number of New Accts: ??? Goal: A team of 6? versatile enough to slaughter anything in my way Leaning Toward: Int Eni, Omni Cra, Xelor As I said, I'm wanting to work toward a team that will be able to farm anything in an effective manner using pretty decent idols 300+. I already kind of have a plan in motion, but figured I'd get some input from those better attuned to it. Thank you for your time.
  6. Alpha Centauri way back in the day. Eggs, Staff, Wild-Man, Wahii, Ony-cu, Perfect-Remedy, Kyth, Kicko, MZL, Darastrix, Time-Ruler..... many names I remember from the past. It has been years and it's great to know that something we created so very long ago lives on today with the same standards, morals, and goals. Kudos to past members as well as the current Guild and salute! - Leu
  7. That would be absolutely awesome Kikn, I messaged Azaelya weeks ago and haven't heard a reply. Regardless it would be of great happiness to get it back. :D
  8. Hey all! It's been years. I tried to relog onto my old account (Leugim) to no avail. No matter. I used to frequent these forums very much in my youth. I played every moment I had a chance to. I played on Rosal as Loki/Anubis the Ecaflip/Xelor from Beta to Live release for years. As well as Leugim (eniripsa/sram) and co. on Shika as well. After grasping a hold of the game and myself I lead a couple guilds, went through the Shikan Episodic Era, Bonta/Brakmar server wars. 1st/2nd Goultarminator. I remember my past Guildmates and friends - Alpha Centauri - it's been years. I hope some of you are still around and enjoying all that life has to offer. I remember big server personalities like Vox, Shantar, Tahoo, Pez, Gidgey, Ravencruxian, QUEEN and Xentra. Those days gave me great sense of adventure, competition, fantasy and most importantly the confidence to lead my life in the method I chose. On my own terms. I'm not here to play again. On the contrary I'm coming around to see if any of these people that know me are still kicking around to just rehash friendly banter and live in the nostalgia. Thanks for the memories! -Leu