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  1. 10/10 Service. Chrollo does a fast and money efficient job. You can trust him!
  2. Class:FecaBuild:Any Viable option you can suggest!Kamas/time available: About 15-20mk and time is not too much of a problem as long as there isn't a long grindCurrent team: Iop, FecaLvl range:195+Extra comments: This is a feca I'd prefer to support my Iop and another cra. It should do decent damage and be able to survive relatively well. Thanks for your input! PvP or PvM oriented: Would be mostly pvm oriented but pvp is an option too
  3. http://imgur.com/p57Tx3e 20mk or your best offer Edit: Price
  4. Buying nuggets for 120k each pm me in game "The-motherkiller" !!
  5. Need a very bad bearbaric band. Paying 900kk pm me in game "The-motherkiller"