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  1. Thanks alot guys! I think I will just copy this set but swap the wisdom pet for a ap bird :)
  2. Hello, how much mp reduction does an enutrof need to rape mp's in lvl 200 dimension dungeons efficiently? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks man this helps alot!
  4. For 5 days in a row now im entering ecaflipus and kill 1 mob in the lvl 200 area.. but this katzino Just doesnt spawn - also im sure nobody else killed him for this period of time because all mobs have 5 Stars.. any hints? Do I have to kill more mobs daily because he has a spawnchance that is not 100% ? Greetings
  5. Hello, Im trying this stuff with my nubteam and have a question about this invisible fog glyph. The legend says that the queen casts this spell in turn 4 at the end of her turn and then all 3 turns. So the Queen has to be in the center of the glyphe am I rite? But when I test the cell I dont find anything.. is my Information still true? Greetings
  6. I was trying to mage an barbearic wedding ring with AP for my Iop, so since it is for an Iop and only for PvM use I was wondering if the successrate on an item would increase if I wouldnt care about stats like luck, range, initiative and wisdom..? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ayyy I didnt even know ppl from Nehra are here, hi ! :D To be honest I think boarhog would look better with my colors too but I like the aggressive face expression of the razorbuck as well. However I wish I would have the gobbal mount but that would aquire 5 years of abonement more for me :rolleyes:
  8. How do you like this on Feca?