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    • Rob

      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. instagram

  2. I'ld like to nominate my alts aswell : Quadro, Starchild, White-Hawkee, Bootiful, Diyos. no description needed
  3. Thanks le dieu du pvm
  4. Ouginak will be best one... soon
  5. enu
  6. BREAKING NEWS: The Rushu's sheitan has been revealed as you can see it's just wow Here he hits again
  7. alpha, i can get u a new logo vs a free leech ok? much love
  8. Hi, I'm looking for someone to leech me through Merkator dung. I'll pay for it of course. thx
  9. I used to be an pure Int Iop, I guess its still one of the best in 1.29. Sacs great too but you might need to get few exos
  10. Make it to merkator and leech me through it
  11. I have it in PS4 and its great. Makes you cry when a fucking Tracer comes and kills you but still a great game.
  12. ​ Reporting harassers, bullies and rude players is basically reporting 99% of Rushu's players
  13. Keep it spanish
  14. Well played, every char is good at 1v1. An iop ca easily beat a sadi and a sadi can easily beat every classes because its fucking cancer
  15. vot tezarro 4 goult