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  1. CY@

    imagine the irrelevancy in this thread
  2. this thread makes me rofl
  3. peace bro but this post gave me aids
  4. Its ok to do both i quit for a couple months but its always nice to comeback gl
  5. Im assuming something with the new patch since at first ouginak was still in french this morning
  6. It was all in good fun anyway and ya uthman was afk for like 3 turns
  7. Just a 3v4 win for the boys gg
  8. Its going to end up being another easy microtransaction game since it needs to be on tablets and mobile devices for some reason lets take the depth out and just add pretty graphics.
  9. sold message me in game I will have lots more pm me for prices
  10. i dont like wakfu this looks to me like wakfu 2 more than dofus 3
  11. Making a whole new game is not the answer how many game companies do that and fail just look at oldschool runescape does better than rs3
  12. bump still selling
  13. Dofus 3 we dont want a mini dungeon and just a dungeon crawler dofus 2 should just be improved instead of making some cheesy looking Dofus 3 game graphics look dumb lol
  14. still selling bump