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  1. well if this becomes a thing im game
  2. I know it sounds crazy but most of these will still be to hard for more than half the player base fyi
  3. also probably more class accessible which should have been like that all a long
  4. by easier dungeons they pretty much are saying they are making the mechanics more clearly to beat them nothing about nerfing bosses was brought up
  5. I beat it took me 32 turns though was pretty annoying and I had an osa
  6. not to chime in but your loved one should never make your quit your hobbies happened to me in my first marriage but good luck in the future
  7. at least they are trying to work out the bugs because I had a feeling it was going to be rough the first few days
  8. nvm you can add me to a contact for behemoth though
  9. i like these changes makes some 190 weps real strong
  10. your best bet is to join a guild or an alliance like int or onelove
  11. about sums him up
  12. was a good fun pvp battle
  13. Full vit sacs are kind of broke right now so changes were needed same with osa
  14. There very strong erosion characters much better in a 1v1 situation but still decent in group pvp and for pvm seems to be a nice tanky/damage dealer