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  1. about sums him up
  2. was a good fun pvp battle
  3. Full vit sacs are kind of broke right now so changes were needed same with osa
  4. There very strong erosion characters much better in a 1v1 situation but still decent in group pvp and for pvm seems to be a nice tanky/damage dealer
  5. looks Hawaiian in a good way at least his big kahuna body
  6. Good luck to everyone participating but i dont waste my time gearing my chars for nothing
  7. kind of defeats the purpose of the main game i could just be lv1 and do this
  8. meh its ok goult was cooler
  9. CY@

    imagine the irrelevancy in this thread
  10. this thread makes me rofl
  11. peace bro but this post gave me aids
  12. Its ok to do both i quit for a couple months but its always nice to comeback gl
  13. Im assuming something with the new patch since at first ouginak was still in french this morning
  14. It was all in good fun anyway and ya uthman was afk for like 3 turns