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  1. at least they are trying to work out the bugs because I had a feeling it was going to be rough the first few days
  2. nvm you can add me to a contact for behemoth though
  3. i like these changes makes some 190 weps real strong
  4. your best bet is to join a guild or an alliance like int or onelove
  5. about sums him up
  6. was a good fun pvp battle
  7. Full vit sacs are kind of broke right now so changes were needed same with osa
  8. There very strong erosion characters much better in a 1v1 situation but still decent in group pvp and for pvm seems to be a nice tanky/damage dealer
  9. looks Hawaiian in a good way at least his big kahuna body
  10. Good luck to everyone participating but i dont waste my time gearing my chars for nothing
  11. kind of defeats the purpose of the main game i could just be lv1 and do this
  12. meh its ok goult was cooler
  13. CY@

    imagine the irrelevancy in this thread
  14. this thread makes me rofl
  15. peace bro but this post gave me aids