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  1. Thanks for comment guys! i did pure int.
  2. Hello, i should go pure int or agi/int? i don't know, what are your opinions? thanks.
  3. Thanks for comment! :)
  4. Hello there, my friend thinking int,agi cra or int,agi,cha. what he should do? Which set better? and what can you suggest? Set 1, https://dofusplanner.com/yDJBX/ Set 2, https://www.dofusplanner.com/L6b6n/ Thanks!
  5. lol, are you sure? xD
  6. dofus 1.29

    Thanks for reply man!
  7. I'm just find a program. a hotkey program. just need some commands. i was saw a friend. he's have 6 char and move together. i'm did ask him. and he said that. the program name is hotkeynet. and its safe just move together:) Thanks for reply btw!
  8. Hello there, I'm playing version 1.29. and i'm alchemist lvl 10. Which professions to choose for good money? Have a good day. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Is there any program for multiple accounts?
  10. Black bow meow
  11. Thanks guys
  12. Hello guys, I have 154 lvl osa. my stats have been reset. i should go full wis for lvl 200? or go normal stat vis-int for kolo? i don't know. Can you suggest me something?
  13. I should go pure int?
  14. Thanks man! https://www.dofusplanner.com/y8nvd is that good?
  15. Hi, i have 150 lvl osamodas. can someone help me kolo gear(150-160)? im vit-int. Thanks