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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

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Everything posted by keriakrumme

  1. Buying mishell costume pm in game or here sweet-Briana
  2. I use to be in intercontinental I would recommend them there's a couple people that log there it's just a lot of the players don't play anymore and the ones that do don't respond or want to do anything you could also try english brothers
  3. Are you on eratz or henual?
  4. I'm glad I got to keep my name haha did they fix the bug yet where you can actually add people to friends list without it saying ur already full?
  5. Guess I'll have to just a dumb glitch that wonwhen be fixed and I'm not makin a new account
  6. It still doesn't let me add anybody even though I don't even have 100 friends smh lol...
  7. Wonder if they will fix it or is just to many people now xd
  8. Does anybody else lag really bad at astrub zap?
  9. I remb you Boltrak you use to mess with people on solar lol
  10. Oh it is I didn't know that
  11. Hey wondering if anybody new needs some free stuff or does anybody want to trade some stuff from Remington to nox I don't mind trading first I just rather play with some friends there instead
  12. I would do a iop I main a Feca but iops are really good for a team for wrath :D
  13. Having at least 3 accounts in 1.29 is better I only play as one 139 iop and it's hard to find a group xd
  14. I think you could do treasure hunts for some decent kamas and with serve merge hopefully gives more new players decent way to make kamas as well
  15. Storm cloud with Feca was fun :/
  16. I main a Feca int they are really fun and easy to level up :D
  17. I kind of like the whole spongebob idea xd
  18. Normally around 7pm central
  19. You can play with me I have 135 iop and 26 enu
  20. I'm just glad they are letting us keep our names and getting a chance for some good ones :p
  21. Dofus 1.29 is pretty fun I've been playing on eratz sense last march and I really enjoy it English community is up there but I think henual has more English players but eratz is more active and in my opinion better markets
  22. Buying 101 in strength scrolls :)
  23. Why lol I'd rather be secretary lol
  24. Bob put it in Spanish first then u can see the servers just change it back when your done (: