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Everything posted by keriakrumme

  1. I have a Feca on both dofus and wakfu I do love the dofus Feca more bcuz I can be more offensive fecas in wakfu are really good tanks though :x feel free to mssg me here or on dofus don't play wakfu much anymore but figured I can help
  2. Just sell all your stuff in case you come back a year later :D
  3. Idk when they are sellable but I would love to buy one soon as possible don't really know how much they go for? But if you have one let me know :D
  4. Or I can just give you there name here I believe they are on imps
  5. I can talk to the leader on discord if you want I use to be there when I first started (:
  6. There is also intercontinental that I know of but sadly not much active English guilds we are more active on weekends and of course after work weeknights (Azmorea)
  7. We are still around as well either server maybe play both just let me know if you if you need an invite on eratz (:
  8. Ruth you can join us old school society on eratz I remb you when I first started on eratz 😇
  9. Hey I've recently came back to eratz after awhile and I'm loving it right now and if there is any new players who hate the thought of restarting but really want to play feel free to pm me in game Azmorea or sweet-Briana I can offer help to lvl or easy low lvl gear (:
  10. If you do let me know I feel like trying to play on there I heard from some other English player there or French that there's not so many Exos as eratz so it's easier to pvp
  11. I was thinking about trying to play on henual I'm from eratz know anybody who wants to swap kamas or at least spoke to start off as?
  12. That's about how much I spend on most weekenights then just play on the weekends it's easier to do monthly sub and do kolo for some money :D
  13. I've been playing Feca for years but for more of pvm I would say iop would be fun to :D
  14. Bye bochi I remb you always looking out for me and calling me your lil sis I'm not on the list either ! D: anyways take care and be safe (:
  15. Buying chamo indigo orchid seem paying 8-9m :D
  16. Selling orche dofus 38m pm here or in game (Azmorea) thank you :D!
  17. Dofus stays at the same login screen for more sometimes and I only use one account I think it's just a bug with new server merge
  18. And I only use one account and had subscribed all the time so idk that as well least I'm not the only one
  19. Hello idk if anybody else has this issue but ever since the servers merged it will always say I have over 50 friends and need to subsciribe even though I am already p2p? So it's like I can't ever really make new friends or something what can I do to fix this?
  20. Yeah I can pm people but sense there is a new server a lot of old friends are gone and I want to play with others but I can't even add them lmfao ... guess I'll do what goatee said for now but I did contact support it's just a really weird bug
  21. Will do thank you
  22. That seems pretty complicated it's acting as if I never purchased p2p lol ...
  23. Looks good I use to play on eratz quite a bit but a lot of people quit nice to see people staying committed to 1.29 (:
  24. To me all the higher dungeons are just to stressful and long to even bother spending my weekends on maybe it would be good for some change :D