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Everything posted by keriakrumme

  1. Buying 101 in strength scrolls :)
  2. Why lol I'd rather be secretary lol
  3. Bob put it in Spanish first then u can see the servers just change it back when your done (:
  4. Tezar you can join us intercontinental :D
  5. Makes sense just wish they would give us a heads up or anything to know they are actually working on it :p
  6. Anybody know when we will be able to actually get livis?
  7. I'd join on a alt cuz I do like my guild I'm in ATM
  8. Ilovekookie is mine
  9. What a rich guy How u make so much kamas on eratz tell me ur secret
  10. Good for me haha
  11. I do know for a fact there will be livi items not para and stuff though (:
  12. I looked at henual the other night I don't see much people there :/ but I do notice that not a as much people are so advanced and could make it easier on new comers
  13. henual

    What I see people do is go agi iop and int cra or int iop is best for black rat dung
  14. I'll keep that in mind nox is lonely when u don't no much ppl
  15. Hey just curious does anybody still play wakfu I'm thinking of which server I should continue on which is more active ?
  16. nox I'm only 93
  17. That would be nice thank you (:
  18. Ok (: I think I'll wait to play to see my old friends on nox again :D
  19. I play there 113 ATM just only stopped playing a bit bcuz people telling me no more content when u get higher level
  20. henual

    Gz on guild seems to be running really well I tried to see how henual is around village but is it like dead or was I online at the wrong time?
  21. Hey guys I'm on eratz and wondering if there is any English players out there that need a guild was wanting some people to run some dungs with
  22. Wait so they are actually finally doing that I miss nox after moved to remi I just got better stuff there cuz the market was to hard as a new player on nox to progress :/
  23. I thought I had a lot of resources lmao wtf
  24. Feca heals elio agi and idk new sacs :D