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  1. I kind of like the whole spongebob idea xd
  2. Normally around 7pm central
  3. You can play with me I have 135 iop and 26 enu
  4. I'm just glad they are letting us keep our names and getting a chance for some good ones :p
  5. Dofus 1.29 is pretty fun I've been playing on eratz sense last march and I really enjoy it English community is up there but I think henual has more English players but eratz is more active and in my opinion better markets
  6. Buying 101 in strength scrolls :)
  7. Why lol I'd rather be secretary lol
  8. Bob put it in Spanish first then u can see the servers just change it back when your done (:
  9. Tezar you can join us intercontinental :D
  10. Makes sense just wish they would give us a heads up or anything to know they are actually working on it :p
  11. Anybody know when we will be able to actually get livis?
  12. I'd join on a alt cuz I do like my guild I'm in ATM
  13. Ilovekookie is mine
  14. What a rich guy How u make so much kamas on eratz tell me ur secret