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  1. Hey guys I'm on eratz and wondering if there is any English players out there that need a guild was wanting some people to run some dungs with
  2. Wait so they are actually finally doing that I miss nox after moved to remi I just got better stuff there cuz the market was to hard as a new player on nox to progress :/
  3. I thought I had a lot of resources lmao wtf
  4. Feca heals elio agi and idk new sacs :D
  5. Xelor and iop works rlly well but Ecas are just perfect in my opinion can heal and luck and more range is pretty useful :D but Xelors can tell frag to iop and 1 turn somebody
  6. I made most my kamas from dooples daily quest and mostly kolo and sometimes dung drops
  7. I would say yes but you do need a good guild or friends I've always been single account and got to do stuff on 1.29 I think duo is pretty easy all you need is a int cra :p
  8. If you like iop I'd play it still :D I love my Feca so I'd never want to change xd
  9. I like iops at 200 a lot more damage and stuff to look forward to like Sets I think sac Eca is good at that lvl (:
  10. Ok I will
  11. I'd go a Feca or a iop
  12. If anybody needs help with low level items I can help to start you out I don't really play at all there anymore just pm in game or here
  13. Shouldn't dofus just delete forbid scammers like this from playing the game xd
  14. I'll still give it a try as long as they add more content and good graphics :D if dofus 2 and dofus 3 are seperate might as well try it