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  1. Selling orche dofus 38m pm here or in game (Azmorea) thank you :D!
  2. Dofus stays at the same login screen for more sometimes and I only use one account I think it's just a bug with new server merge
  3. And I only use one account and had subscribed all the time so idk that as well least I'm not the only one
  4. Yeah I can pm people but sense there is a new server a lot of old friends are gone and I want to play with others but I can't even add them lmfao ... guess I'll do what goatee said for now but I did contact support it's just a really weird bug
  5. Will do thank you
  6. That seems pretty complicated it's acting as if I never purchased p2p lol ...
  7. Hello idk if anybody else has this issue but ever since the servers merged it will always say I have over 50 friends and need to subsciribe even though I am already p2p? So it's like I can't ever really make new friends or something what can I do to fix this?
  8. Looks good I use to play on eratz quite a bit but a lot of people quit nice to see people staying committed to 1.29 (:
  9. To me all the higher dungeons are just to stressful and long to even bother spending my weekends on maybe it would be good for some change :D
  10. Buying mishell costume pm in game or here sweet-Briana
  11. I use to be in intercontinental I would recommend them there's a couple people that log there it's just a lot of the players don't play anymore and the ones that do don't respond or want to do anything you could also try english brothers
  12. Are you on eratz or henual?
  13. I'm glad I got to keep my name haha did they fix the bug yet where you can actually add people to friends list without it saying ur already full?
  14. Guess I'll have to just a dumb glitch that wonwhen be fixed and I'm not makin a new account
  15. It still doesn't let me add anybody even though I don't even have 100 friends smh lol...