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  1. I think we should Uthman, but this time, we should confirm the time, and make it better for other people, 12:00 Dofus time seems to be good, its a time where most people are active, but this time, i need help spreading the word if we really are going to do this!!
  2. Because Its not night for me :P I did it according to my time zone, sorry mate
  3. Yeah Bochi, they did x) Its in 3 Hours 30 mins from the moment of my posting this! 24:00 Dofus time
  4. Change to Sadi Tezar, and have fun going 1v8! xD
  5. If a Sadi shows up, GANG HIM, GO 8V1.
  6. Horxy, thats like 11 days later, can't wait that long, so it will be THIS Saturday. Hope you can still make it ^^ Looking forward to kicking your ass ;) - It is decided, Pvp Day will be held on Saturday the 20'th at [5,-23] Astrub Exit, Get Hyped!-
  7. Thanks for the enthusiasm guys, so initially, I was thinking about choosing the map on Astrub Outskirts, [5,-23] , and let it start at 12:00 Dofus time on Saturday. What do you guys think of this arrangement? :Death-Fire:
  8. Pvp Day On Rushu?!!?!!? Hey, I'm Death-Fire from Rushu ( just another person ), and I cant help but notice how many people (Including myself) hide their pvp wings in fear of losing. This, I think, is one of the main reasons pvp is so down nowadays, if nobody shows their wings, nobody can fight!! So I think that it would be a good idea to have a pvp day! This is a day of the week where everyone shows up to a predetermined map with their wings up and their pvp spirits high! - The day of the week and the map should stay the same after the majority chooses them, and this event will hopefully happen every week! In Short: - I think there should be a pvp day. - Everyone who shows up should have their wings up. - People of all levels should be welcome. Note: This isn't going on yet, but if people like the idea, and all goes well, then we can make it happen! It will be fun! Please tell me what you think of this! : Death-Fire : - It is decided, Pvp Day will be held on Saturday the 20'th 24:00 Dofus time at [5,-23] Astrub Exit, Get Hyped!-