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  1. yw hater
  2. plz dant is easy cud be done in 10 by quad kappa.
  3. CY@

    kappa see u in a week
  4. shes asking for help in this thread , which is why shes asking mr 80 yr old prune eater
  5. theres still the offer i made you :(, narration...
  6. im interested in this comic , please do add pictures
  7. bump
  8. Selling cloudy dofus's about 70mk each price non negotiable pm phexii ig not to be mistaken with the sac phexi.
  9. Dungeons Available Royal Mastogob - 100kk Royal Pingwin - 100kk Buck Anear - 150kk Obsidemon - 200kk Tengu - 250kk Korriander - 300kk Kolosso - 300kk Celestial Bearbarian - 350kk Extra Info Must be paid before start of each Prices negotiable /w ferusi in game for more details and information (regarding challenges/achievements if needed) ie ( cheaper than bellatrix) In addition to Frigost 1&2 dungeons, I am now offering this service for the Otomai dungeons as well. Message me to negotiate prices if you are interested! Thanks. Other dungeons include Bworker Soft Oak Sphincter Cell Moowolf Sakai Mine Skeunk Peki Lord Crow Prices for the following power leveling includes 1-199 is 25mk 199-200 is 10mk 35mk for the full passage leech will be completed in 2 days , if the time limit goes over the price will be reduced , multipliers will can be divided by themselves msg me ur ign or pm Jihad-gotscammed ig
  10. fk ur luck 500 tries on perfect hairsh still no luck
  11. how much for the second one
  12. "I've been good this year Santa!"