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  1. ( last seen online 2 weeks ago ) k.
  2. yup
  3. the thing is your account was logged due to this shield failure being able to change your phone number , id just contact support , had a long convo with this guy over skype he explained the details to me .
  4. my good man korri sould ruined this
  5. hmu , can get everything done on that list except talkasha eragonoldwoman
  6. Hmu eragonoldwoman when ur online , lets get em to 200 before the update hits and enus become shit x D
  7. Wish u had pmed me earlier , we fam : 3 would've helped u out with anything outside of the 190 bracket for free , 2mk is way to much to pay per achievement , especially the low level ones :/ , kudos to those who made enough to pay for whatever you needed that day x D
  8. im on the wierd side of imps again.
  9. same
  10. did u , did u truly get them through the quests ? : p
  11. was about to make a use Viagra joke but im above that
  12. no ap rape combined with only having 2 ap rape spells on an eni , desperately waiting for the spell to be cast finally getting it to be cast , then her turn was passed by the kimbo a god forgiven number of times , was enjoyable to watch the suffering x D
  13. Worlds longest bherb dung , gratz on her for completing it tho
  14. same with me i have the exact same issue