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  1. mfw
  2. Same rule applies to beer, "Just a couple of beers and I'm out" often ends in 4x4 mode walking in the morning :D
  3. i think thats the same thing
  4. Oi guys anyone gonna be streaming our fights?
  5. dofus movie

    No idea if someone has already shared it, havent been on imps like 2 months(?).. Anyway so i found the movie on KissAnime [LINK HERE] its subbed and awesome! Click for pictures
  6. this could be a potential creepypasta story, enjoyed the read btw and yea im going with bot as well
  7. Congrats to everyone!!!
  8. the middle of nowhere obviously :P also hi!
  9. omg nerf sacs already
  10. i think it counts bots as well but still it proves the big difference between Rushu and the other servers...
  11. int feca and chance sac! maybe the reason i loved dofus in the first place, The sac works as a main hitter and the feca as a supporter doing the job with glyphs and shields! omg the memories...
  12. Never had the opportunity of meeting you but have fun in real life dude! Its all downside from here, everyone will be quitting :/. Take care!
  13. poor starchild :P pun intended