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  1. Great stuff, 1,29 still better though (please save me from this madness)
  2. More and more people are joining every day, 17 members so far!
  3. Hey man, I've created a guild like 5 days ago hoping to get as many English players together as i can, we have done no progress on giving xp to the guild but we're growing, new people have joined! We'd be glad to have you man! (Also if you're interested, [Eratz] Azure V Valley - Guild )
  4. Azure V Valley, is a Guild (Eratz Sever) created on March 5, 2017. This thread is dedicated on keeping you updated about the Guild news, Events and basically everything about the Guild! Anyone who wants to join us, can simply add a comment here or send me or any of the members you see ING a message! What are we looking for: ●We are looking for English speaking players, any level! ●Mature, active and helpful players! ●People who won't create any "drama" anytime they feel like it! We are planning on having many different Events every month! Perceptor attacks, Dungeon runs, Resource hunts and of course our two Main Events: PvP Event & Treasure hunt Event! Our Goals: ●We want to create a wealthy, fun and a helpful community for newcomers and veterans! ●To make a name for ourselves in the server as an English speaking Guild! ●To meet as many people as we can and make Friends and Allies! Once you join us, you can choose the rank you want! We have a Facebook Page set up, you should check out! [Click Here]
  5. Hey dude! The thing is I just started as well and i made a guild 2 days ago hoping i could find English speaking players to join! We are still below 10 members but i will be playing for long and not quitting like i used to be doing on 2.0 so i guess we are on a good way on making the guild a fun place for anyone who joins!
  6. mfw
  7. Same rule applies to beer, "Just a couple of beers and I'm out" often ends in 4x4 mode walking in the morning :D
  8. i think thats the same thing
  9. Oi guys anyone gonna be streaming our fights?
  10. dofus movie

    No idea if someone has already shared it, havent been on imps like 2 months(?).. Anyway so i found the movie on KissAnime [LINK HERE] its subbed and awesome! Click for pictures
  11. this could be a potential creepypasta story, enjoyed the read btw and yea im going with bot as well
  12. Congrats to everyone!!!
  13. the middle of nowhere obviously :P also hi!
  14. omg nerf sacs already