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  1. We should try to open it today, how about 18DUT?
  2. Hi, i need to do kralove too, pref today/tomorrow
  3. Hi, Im looking for people who need or who wants to help me killing Groomit (boss from In search of Al Ive quest) Post your IGN here or /w galica-raz in game.
  4. Hi, 6x Name Change Potion 1.5mk/ea 1x Colour Change Potion 500kk/ea 3x Sex Change Potion 1.5mk/ea /w galica-raz or pm me here Edit:All potions have been sold.
  5. I'll join to you guys with pleasure :)
  6. Srambad: [-26,36] 128 uses
  7. Hi, I would like to sell all that mats for 25mk, if you are interested /w galica-raz, or just post here. http://imgur.com/LIYnZlu Edit: Items sold
  8. Hi again, we have opened kralove at last saturday but because of roll back we have to open it one more time :wub: We are going to do it on saturday (09.01.2016) at 17:00DUT, Thanks for yours help, and i hope we will do it again.
  9. Hi, on saturday (02.01.2016) at 18:00DUT we will be trying to open kralove, everyone who want to help us are welcome.