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  1. Everything but jammy ring is in markets now, go buy it.
  2. Thanks! :) Added AP Jammy ring!
  3. Added MP Nidas ring, solid stats 25mk. Pos 1 left from villa zaap
  4. Sry for spam. -3,-1 now
  5. AP TF Boots sold
  6. Bump. On 1,-1 now.
  7. Wedding ring sold
  8. MP/2 Cri res Wedding ring - 29mk SOLD Range Nidas Crown - 25mk SOLD AP Treadfast boots - 25mk SOLD Range Pathogastrics - 22mk 2% Earth res Pathogastrics - 11mk Cri res Treadfast boots - 19mk AP Jammy Jack ring - 42mk Items will be in Merchant mode on Mahon at [-3,1] or when I'm online you can /w Mahon.
  9. ;_; That power tho
  10. Bought, close pls
  11. As the title says. Buying noh cape, willing to pay 5mk. /w Zobnoxious ingame
  12. Dont be afraid to pm me or reply here if youre not into the price. We might be able to work something out :)
  13. Still looking for Exo ring and ochre!!