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Everything posted by Quadro

  1. coca cola for plebs ^____^
  2. > alb organised 3v3 tournament > got cancelled cuz lack of ppl > now ppl organise 4v4 with more restrictions (multilog etc) > ???
  3. hi, i dont know shit but stupid question - can u hit boss after she becomes orange with glyph? all i could notice was u hitting her with wrath and afterwards she receiving the poutch dmg, maybe that? if not idk c: p.s nice dommage from infinite glyph after turn 9
  4. best defence is offence :^) so yolo full dmg
  5. use tread amu/belt instead huehue jk anything is good for nomarow eni cuz crits carry af
  6. nice succès liberté
  7. just remove imps from ur bookmarks/favorites and delete all imps cookies from all browsers then go on vacation speaking from my friend's experience
  8. full nomarow + tf + atcham + hairsh + 6 dofus is best set be it 2k16 or 2k26 and that tru for any class :^) (^:
  9. crit* build (cuz apparently some ppl go 500-600 stats w/ fugitive hammer but w/o any +dmg or crits and call themselves "omni" h)
  10. at some point it was fun to see imps reactions to ur vids xd
  11. crit dmg sadi 11/6/6/7 64 mp red crit dmg int eni 11/6/5/2 heals int eni 11/6/5/2 for panda too many different builds available so cant tell u, u need to decide if u want more dmg or more support/tank for ur panda
  12. inb4 vsdc free screen recorder
  13. nice perf stats
  14. yeh happens to me sometimes too, in some case i w8 a bit and/or change 1 equip then manually save set, in some case nothing helps and set needs to be redone <:
  15. honestly i never considered proffs to be a money making activity, u can get few kamas out of that but only to invest into some other stuff like acquiring minimum sets or avaibility to study markets and go "buy for less sell for more" u may also consider doing treasure hunts, it doesnt require a very strong set and can be done at any lvl lvl 180 chests give at least ~100 roses, and for 1000 roses u can buy a mahogany pebble which... idk how much it sells for but few pebbles should be enough for 1 week sub ^______^ (it gives xp too) (mono account activity) also doing treasure hunt makes u go into different areas and there might be higher chance for u to come across a 5-10 star mob which always gives good xp/drops regardless of ur location c:
  16. every1 busy doing ivory h
  17. i hold no responsibility for any consequences of using this nub set for real tho lvl ~170 sets sux so much as for tips i cant tell u anything cuz i suc at giving pvp advices, hope u figure out from experience
  18. nice int/agi cra nice int/cha cra jk sry if noob sets
  19. assuming we are talking about pvm: easiest eca is str more advanced eca is cha/agi even better eca is str/cha/agi (190+ lvl) best eca is crit dmg eca (190+ lvl) easiest cra is int easy cra is str (after all str spells unlocked) full agi possible (after lvl 6 absorbing arrow only) more advanced cra is any combination of 2 elements of one's choice (100+ lvl) best cra is crit dmg cra (190+ lvl) best cra v2 is full mp red cra (100-200 mp red)
  20. as it was mentioned pvm is now easy af u can choose any 4th char i'd however pick eni or osa just because of +2 ap buff for allies (and trust me u'll like 2 extra ap huehue)
  21. yeh ougi/hupper nub combo sry for spam c:
  22. fire is nice support build, nice heals from turrets and dmg penalty for enemy, but the problem with this build is same for all support builds aka if u dont have dmg u wont drop enemy's hp to 0 ^_____^ well at least not as fast as dmg builds imo fire build is nice for pvp for obvious reasons: healing allies and giving dmg penalty to enemies (assuming u got dmgers in ur team) but in pvm i always give priority to dmg unless u have teammate(s) dealing fast dmg for u, moreover in pvm mobs wont feel much of -51 dmg penalty from int fog (cuz it's either "mobs dont hit at all" or "mobs kill u within 2-3 hits") so u would also waste that advantage of int build so in pvm better str or cha or mix of str/cha or crit build (at 190+)
  23. rip <:
  24. i think this has been suggested on official forums before already, but ankama hide their lazyness by claiming "it's part of achievement to remember the achievement" hkek