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Everything posted by Quadro

  1. i didnt check -10% malus myself but just judging by other spells who has -10% malus of aoe spells per cell from center i can assume it's also after +dmgs i assume that the reason explosion doesn't include %final/rang/cc/spell/weap dmg is because the bombs when exploded are considered to be a separate character (not summon) which doesn't have %final dmgs (technically a bomb doesn't wear cloudy or shields :D) (for example if rogue is in pacifist state the wall dmg won't deal any dmg, but the explosion of bombs can still hit entities during pacifist same turn) but except for %final dmg all the dmg calculations should be the same for the explosion (still need sm1 to check c:) kek might as well try full buffing the bombs (not the rogue) vs poutch with 8 man team and check if the explosion is actually stronger xd if yes it could be abused in fights with pacifist e.g. spykting or naganita bounties
  2. http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/alignement-bontarien.html not all quests but at least smth :^) speaking of which, there is guide for all brak quests, and i always said brak was more bae :)))))
  3. am no volca and no proof from me but for example i had many cases where ai movements in pvm were repeatable in different runs, or there are 2-3 different possible ai movement patterns that the mob chooses to do assuming the previous turns were the same; (from technical point of view i think that every detail in fight (such as position of all entities or their hp) are taken as variables for some function which generates certain movements of mobs; aka same entities' positions and/pr hp would result in exactly same mob ai and mob's movements from 1 run to another; but im not sure kek) i guess it's the same for boss in this fight; so even if there is usually no way to tell where comteur is, after few error tries one can be sure where count usually chooses to be cuz he'd always end on that cell; or if count has 2-3 different possible positions one could actually rely on luck, reproducing all movements before that exactly he same way, cuz ai would definitely repeat itself at some time and in 1 of the runs count would defo end up at 1 specific cell desired waw sry for wall of text me had some free time
  4. it's sure strange; just to double-check: are u sure u dont have the devotion quest? when in class temple, did u try to click on the crystal (which is supposed to tp u back to statue)? did you check the achievement tab? i dont remember if the devotion quest exists in achievements did u ever change class on ur char? it was long time ago but i remember there was case where class changing did mess up with class quests (it was true for panda but maybe for other classes too), who knows about ur char xd anyway might as well start doing an awful thing aka sending a ticket to support, send them the screens and explain stuff to them ^ all that if i didnt miss anything
  5. just to double-check, what does ur current quest say? does it tell u to go to temple already? edit: that's strange, according to ur screen u have already completed in search of the missing enus, but that quest requires the devotion to XX quest to be already finished
  6. i think 100 mk would even be more than a fair price for ivory xddd at least for the 1st days of it getting unlinked (~1-2 weeks) (not taking into account the discounts for friendos or teznars teh hupners) for the 1st days unlinked cloudy could have been sold for 170-180 mk; and surely ivory has about same difficulty of getting it: it requires 100 alignment quests to be done (there's quite amount of group quest fights), partially nimaltopia quests, and ivory quest itself has lots of things to do - would be 170-180 mk; then we assume endgame dungs got nerfed, we can fairly drop it to 100 mk; very fair for 1st days
  7. since positive suffering increases base dmg of spells it's more wise to have cha and %pow than to have +dmg i believe with 10 lvl suffering clobbering gets 50+ base dmg, so crimson dofus would increase total dmg by 80% of base dmg aka 40+; while major dmg trophy would only increase 20 dmg tldr higher base dmg means %pow > +dmg
  8. oh im sorry i didnt realise u were so much a noo- an oldschooler; now in order to get clean hand you only need to deal indirect dmg as ur final blow, aka u can still deal direct dmg and then just finish a mob with 1 indirect spell i wonder how u even play dofus now <: might as well start reading every single dofus changelog since 2.0 was introduced bruh
  9. agi osa + x3 any random chars im srs xddd
  10. nice 100% neu res of bulbush vs poison arrow what about other summons apart from dopple like arachnee, living spade, living chest? what about pushback aka lashing arrow, release?
  11. cuz krosmaster is shit gaеm ples it succ rip boarhog TT
  12. marketing and client focusing at its finest
  13. *after nerodos left ankama*
  14. #magedro not sure if i should be happy or crush cuz i forgot to sign the ring for no reason hueheuhue
  15. nice quote last big post
  16. bob more liеk nob
  17. missing 1 vit, crush
  18. u succ at pvp kys jk pls no bannerino
  19. showing off some statistics just to advertise their f#çking useless laggy fatal blows ankama u srs reminds me of most of shitty tv ads p.s. ye and ankama have always had some kind perversion towards iops and cras yalla (wakfu series?) (almost all revamp or design news in dofus begin with iop/cras tot pls)
  20. no dev would even be bothered coming to some minor en community h heck they cant even find a single day to test each of their new updates and u are saying they'd have "a field day banning or sanctioning accounts" hh nice dream btw maybe u realise the op post is not about crying but about preventing even more scams thru impersonating another person maybe u wont be affected cuz u are unknown and dont know the op anyway, but there are ppl who knows the op and might really think the scammed acc was the op and then would get innocently scammed via trusting/lending k?
  21. u cri af cuz of loss of pro set including 4% res merdiordon cloak xddd
  22. umm 1000% power at lvl 10 suffering (200 char lvl, 3lvl spell) i guess 100% power max per 1 suffering lvl didnt yet test low lvl yet
  23. nice chat rip eni rip sven
  24. rush b crit cra :^)