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Everything posted by Quadro

  1. resist* :') basically they are nerfing sapeuh's trapline and pb iop kek tho i wonder does evasion count as being pushed (':
  2. rip fate/duel erosion dmg, pvm heroes, u'll be never forgotten
  3. uh oh ...
  4. (^:
  5. u can still save achieves for urgent dt/muldo lvling in the future :') upd: trump pls leech moi 508 ty :^))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. :^)
  7. nice language barrier h anyway peace
  8. i never said "revamp" was a bad thing, neither in 1k945 nor in 2k19 instead i was referring to u claiming that "ya spells aintdst changing if ya dont want um too" aka claiming an eca can still use old spells which isn't the definition of "revamp" obvsly we cant judge spells before actual update cuz more changes may happen but, bruh one of us needs haz engrish
  9. awww fuk nice parle baguette qued
  10. time to delete iops/ecas/ougis
  11. when u see these devblogs and twitter posts/pics
  12. ?????
  13. tbh idk what ankama thought when they gave back ur stuff w/o confiscating (or "deleting") those from another player, they just generated another set of equips while directly inflating the server market (which is exactly smth ankama is supposed to combat) again this proves ankama baguettes are joke
  14. u should also bear in mind that 1 class can perform completely differently depending on lvl, and xel is 1 of class where u can't just compare a lvl 100 xel to lvl 200 xel at least because of different variety of sets, amount of ap/mp/range, and also different allies available i see u plan on switching ur 97 lvl char to xel, at that lvl it's hard to have both high dmg and high amount of ap (unless u are rich and have exos or shiat) - for example str build is not a build i recommend because dark ray costs 5 ap which is too much to dish out decent combos (unless u have allies who can buff u some ap and/or provide u with some summons for telefrag & teleporting around (that's to some extend true even at lvl 200) + at low lvl neutral weaps dont really hit good - cha build is also not smth i'd go with since it has low base dmg, it's more suitable for ap raping in pvp - u can try int and/or agi since it can offer steady dmg even without telefrag, and when necessary u can still play around with map manipulation while dealing dmg at the same time (frostbite / temporal dust) panda has a bit similar problem like xels in terms of spell ap cost; i see u mentioned cha/str panda, their main spells cost 4 ap which is high and also melancholy is range-dependable, so it's just awkward to use panda as dmg at low lvls; and it's actually overall awkward to play panda cuz it's more of a support role, but without good dmger allies ur panda doesn't utilise its full potential which is a waste however if you have a certain mindset to get to the endgame u can choose any build u feel like to learn and u actually enjoy to overcome all its disadvantages, go for any build (cuz sometimes ppl choose a certain class/build exactly because it's a weak or unpopular class/build and enjoy it just fine)
  15. it's not stats (e.g. str/int/cha/agi) that make u omni... it's the +dmg, +crit and +cri dmg
  16. weak mages
  17. well as we can all see i'm also not only a pvm machine, i rekt the traps in pvp too! :D
  18. luminiscent set kappa (with playa) ((jk ugli af))
  19. henlo, bienvenue "cancer colour" costume :^)
  20. nice windows copy
  21. nice old feline leap
  22. amg did u translate all weaps manually?