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  1. buy cloudy
  2. not becuz that, but cuz when u kill last mob, there's not a single mob left on the map so technically u can never end near any mob at last turn thus failing impert if ankama actually counted last turn ^______^
  3. pls dont tell me 7 months have passed yet he didnt change his name
  4. ahh then u took the joke too literally xd any1 can call themselves the best with intention of joking
  5. i doubt entire plat will go to ilyzaelle xd
  6. except for last turn when u kill last mob, dont need be near mobs kek
  7. nice gender

    1. Sunbathe


      Let's mate 

    2. Quadro


      can this be considered homosexuality i wonder 🤔

  8. nice profile background

    1. Quadro
    2. Quadro


      might as well change mon title plese C:

  9. nice quit