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  1. and dopple too
  2. careful, abuse repeatable quests for kamas too much and ankama might consider removing kama rewards from them oh w8
  3. bruh so u dont like that the replay value dissapeared, but ankama never wanted to make "replays" an actual thing they do care about fairness tho, even when in most cases they sux at it, but u gotta admit dofuses are more op the less lvl u are cuz of the difference in equip stats; and before the appearance of new unique dofuses and their "revaluation" update they werent even as good as today, yet now u got used to undeserved op dofuses on low lvls and got carried away - not a good thing i rly didnt care about low lvls having op stuff and dofuses, but now that they nerf it i see no reason to renerf, obvlsy a dofus isnt smth meant for low lvls since they dont deserve it both lore wise and stats wise now u wont be able to win vs 150 with ur 60 doge which is fair for me but u can still win vs 80 which is normal for me if ~20 lvl difference but not if ~40 and more, it just doesnt seem legit; not every1 can afford exo and overmages (dazling cloak alone costs more than an average nub can dream of h); anyway if u dont have dokoko or abyss, ur relatively similar baguette opponent will also not have dokoko or abyss, yet u and that fromage can still measure the e-peni w/ ea other since u urself said u can win w/o dofuses, and judging by ur replies u do actually have enough exo and vit overmages to back urself up basically u are only agruing for the "replay" value which doesnt even have any values; the frenchies u mentioned sapeuh or humility, yes they do kolo on low lvl for fun and for utube, yes sapeuh is butthurt about 2.43 on twitter, yes much dofuses; but dont forget they also got lvl 200 team ready to rekt boring pvm shit (yes they do pvm sometimes too) and they also kolo on 200; theyll adapt to new changes, but u bet too much on a single low lvl bracket ur boi communist quid
  4. Hi

    helo imps its qued ur boi i think for a certain recent indicent of mine yall deserve a wall of explanation text ykno when we young af and tend to do life mistakes like going on a vacation but sry cant think of any decent excuses anyway now qued is back* <3 idk u forgive me or not just hope yall still love moi like i love myself jk luv u imps too xoxo with luv yo boi qued *back to imps


  6. bai every1 am quitting 4ever rip qued 29/01/17 dofus sux cant plai anym03r ty every1 i plaid w/ and w/o wus fun luv u all iron is still scrub alli sven worst pvmeur /w nada for free kemz quad > captain-gale /w kikn for post price kiba best mode fook/xisis go eat carrot uglies /w bulgari for free vortex focus/hardi/trio leech agi osa still top #quadsoutforharambe abud pls notice me last Quit yo&#39; jibba-jabba&#33; plat carries iron #R gio don't go iop jk idk who's japp hai tornados lars nice catseye nice coco taxes sam feggit bene n0b deej nice mages :') malt gl elemental damiana best waifu abyss best dofus doge update psycho nice wis sextreal nice muldos mavvo niec map star nice xa mage pls sub plat tv utube and like vids quithman best pvp eni adam pls be relevant pvm > pvp nice list
  7. gravi is useful in some pvm cases tho
  8. u meant quad iz best [demane the osa] player ??
  9. ikr, finding trustful and helpful friends, joining decent guild and/or being able to recruit random ppl for quest/fights/etc are traits that differ a good soloer from a bad soloer and socializing with others has nothing common with buying ogrines 5 mk solo ez by nerding some treasure hunt for some time
  10. but they forgot to mention that they couldn't typical ankama xddddddddddddddddd walla what's the point of creating contests like this? it's like they just want ppl to kill time by doing literally anything and use an imaginable non-existent reward as an excuse inb4 they do it just to lure ppl attention from actual dofus problems (just like politics do irl h)
  11. nice plague state *cough* draconic *cough*
  12. hh happened to me few times too with fixing typos ankama best mods 2k4-2k17
  13. kaliptus/dotrict stakable???
  14. if u happen to play agi osa u can always try full str xel: xel can buff all tofus ap with dial = each tofu can hit x2 = stronk, then osa can also put tofus in a certain position so that xel could ez spam punch + dark ray w/o thinking ^_____^ btw fog isn't bad also, imagine str fog trident + podgy + retreat/burning h nice dmg and lastly why u even think enu/osa/cra is bad combo, sounds like a top ranged combo irrelevant of osa's element; in fact enu/cra duo is alone stronk already (mp red enu & dmg cra = all mobs ded af at range), and u then also got osa which imo is still op even after nerfs, can buff ap and spam hits from range with cra range buff ayyy rip nidas rip danti tox ez rip everything endgame with 508
  15. nice cyka name would defo pm