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  1. fuking ankama still didn't fix the sacri's convalesense self healing spell, it only heals if u got 50% or more hp, but does nothing if cast at <50% hp which is obvsly an after-effect of the current 50% hp system man ankama dont even know how to code i even bothered to report both on eng and fr forums, waste of time af
  2. if only it was true for sac revamp
  3. resist* :') basically they are nerfing sapeuh's trapline and pb iop kek tho i wonder does evasion count as being pushed (':
  4. rip fate/duel erosion dmg, pvm heroes, u'll be never forgotten
  5. uh oh ...
  6. (^:
  7. u can still save achieves for urgent dt/muldo lvling in the future :') upd: trump pls leech moi 508 ty :^))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. :^)
  9. nice language barrier h anyway peace
  10. i never said "revamp" was a bad thing, neither in 1k945 nor in 2k19 instead i was referring to u claiming that "ya spells aintdst changing if ya dont want um too" aka claiming an eca can still use old spells which isn't the definition of "revamp" obvsly we cant judge spells before actual update cuz more changes may happen but, bruh one of us needs haz engrish
  11. awww fuk nice parle baguette qued
  12. time to delete iops/ecas/ougis
  13. when u see these devblogs and twitter posts/pics
  14. ?????