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  1. w0w gotta buy them now before they get super expensive due to high demand among top pvpers cherche silver dofus x69 1 bk ea mp fast no noob
  2. inb4 2.46 ?????????????????? jk not jk
  3. h https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGM26YkddOA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2qgMvTb8s
  4. +dmg was op with old duster when it could hit x5 times per spell, now it's changed to increase of base dmg so 140 agi petsmount now moght be better, unless u need stats like mp but in pvm vit/res is not always needed (like i mentioned before) since u're expected to kill mobs faster than they can reach u (unless some situations actually require tanking)
  5. yeah that's the staff with 6 summons, pretty awesome that said it's not necessary to have that staff, u can get summons from other equips (but in the end everything is still up to ur own preferable playstyle) there is for example flinty daggers which give 2 summons but als range and agi/dmg; allister hat for example, 2 summons; staruman belt 1 summon; etc
  6. ^ though his latest osa vortex solo video includes osa with latest changes including favoritism spell
  7. yes it's a big hit, but u gotta realise osa just went from super op to just op class no doubt the class still work just fine, just be more smart about ur positioning to avoid the necessity of tofu swaps p.s abuse favouritism
  8. 1. hybrid is a waste of dmg and not worth, do mono; u don't have to be hybrid to use different summons for different situations but u still use 1 summon type for dmg 2. agi is 1 of the best for pvm (best for solo but good in team too) due to more map manipulation as well as the tofu's "hit and run" ranged playstyle which works against most of mobs in dofus overall; in pvp however agi isn't the best but might still work to some extend (that said in team int or cha osa can also work) 3. base stats for agi osa is simple, do agi/vit as u like, ideally 300 agi and 395 at 200 lvl, sets should be as much agi/dmg as possible, with hit and run tactic u dont need very high vit or res, but u are more reliant on the amount of summons than other builds, at least 4-5 but better 6+, 11/6 preferable (but if somehow u get 12/6 it's also good, just not 12/5) 4. too lazy to build sets, just find smth for agi/agi dmg > summon > vit/res; note that %power and normal +dmg (unlike +agi dmg) doesn't boost summon's dmgs and some notes from me, after the new update of variant spells all classes including osa are weaker at lower lvls since the spells now scale with char's lvl, so osa won't feel op at the beginning but osa surely works (mostly pvm) and at higher lvls will excel (unless ankama nerfs smth)
  9. ummm just redo kwak at the char u need? what's the problem in case u havn't notice, there's now 2 achievement tabs, 1 for acc and 1 for char in use; in ur screen u have ur "acc tab" used, switch it to "char tab" and it'll be clear for u
  10. wanted to joke about pp but then realised for whom this amu might be for xd
  11. 231 mp red
  12. rip goji rip friendlist nice screens nice will smith nice the fresh prince of bel-air it's cuz u left plat best guildeur :c btw mind sharing ur login? i won't ask for pass :^))))))))))))))
  13. then do 5 loots or just remove eni :^))) enis are good but no more necessary if ur other chars can perform good if u want an eca then defo play it, never worth throwing away a class u like inly cuz it seems like it's not a popular class *buffsacspls* based on the classes u suggest, i'd say eca/osa/enu/panda is already decent
  14. osas overall have the advantage of using summons to mess up the mobs while staying relatively far away w/o exposing oneself too much agi osa and tofu always mean you play ranged and with a hit-and-run tactic; in addition tofus have the most mp compared to other osa summons making it effective for hiding themselves (let me remind u that in dofus in any area there are mobs that have limited range and/or can only hit in cc, so osa is good for same reason why cra/enu are good) moreover osa can use a tofu for luring a mob to a certain place assuming the movements and ai of mob are limited; not forgetting to mention osas bow have enough map manipulating skills which is usually the key to winning in a turn-based game like dofus agi osa is also good cuz of the numerous effects and new spells and effects which make them effective (e.g favoritism buffing a single tofu with ap/mp/vit/dmg, or all tofus having +2 ap meaning each tofu can hit twice); in some cases a single tofu might even be enough to endure mobs' hits for 1-2 turns and meanwhile you can just summon more tofus tldr it's range and mobility which makes agi osas so good in most of pvm content