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  1. stealing mp from ur own summons he says
  2. coca cola for plebs ^____^
  3. > alb organised 3v3 tournament > got cancelled cuz lack of ppl > now ppl organise 4v4 with more restrictions (multilog etc) > ???
  4. hi, i dont know shit but stupid question - can u hit boss after she becomes orange with glyph? all i could notice was u hitting her with wrath and afterwards she receiving the poutch dmg, maybe that? if not idk c: p.s nice dommage from infinite glyph after turn 9
  5. best defence is offence :^) so yolo full dmg
  6. use tread amu/belt instead huehue jk anything is good for nomarow eni cuz crits carry af
  7. nice succès liberté
  8. just remove imps from ur bookmarks/favorites and delete all imps cookies from all browsers then go on vacation speaking from my friend's experience
  9. full nomarow + tf + atcham + hairsh + 6 dofus is best set be it 2k16 or 2k26 and that tru for any class :^) (^:
  10. crit* build (cuz apparently some ppl go 500-600 stats w/ fugitive hammer but w/o any +dmg or crits and call themselves "omni" h)
  11. at some point it was fun to see imps reactions to ur vids xd
  12. crit dmg sadi 11/6/6/7 64 mp red crit dmg int eni 11/6/5/2 heals int eni 11/6/5/2 for panda too many different builds available so cant tell u, u need to decide if u want more dmg or more support/tank for ur panda
  13. inb4 vsdc free screen recorder
  14. nice perf stats