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  1. agi osa ^________________^
  2. nice saved up achieves inb4 instalvl
  3. as a soloacc u can scam guidies's accs and yolo multicompte while paying subs for 1 acc only hueheuhue :^) (^: :^) (^: :^) (^: :^) (^: imo a soloer can pretty do much anything as multiaccers, just at a slower pace (just earning money slower, gathering mats for crafting is slower, but everything doable) moreover as a soloer u are more likely to analyze mobs and fighting maps with more details and learn ur class better, since multiaccers are more like to blitz shit w/o learning anything, while in soloers' case mobs survive longer and can demostrate more of its ai and spells = sometimes some soloers might be smarter than some multiaccers ^___^ moreover doing hards quests on many accs is also kinda terrible, especially when u need to do a solo puzzle questfight several times :') but yes solo is more disadvantageous when it comes to group quest fights as well as endgame dungs; for those cases u gotta find some reliable friends and/or guild to help u out (':
  4. bobeur why u so rude let's help i got F rogue F hupper and M fog pm me i can come ^___^
  5. nice edit kikneur
  6. holy fuk, buffing rogue with dagger, so fuking genius xd
  7. top essay m8 i r8 8/8
  8. w0w so stronk much owned nice 7th sec of the vid tho h
  9. i personally prefer endgame cuz that's where i believe full potential of all classes is released but be it lvl 200 or lvl 150, u'll still need to optimise ur char i wouldn't say iop is the worst char at lvl 150, but imo if u don't have orche, ap/mp exos, overmaged equipment, fully scrolled chars, u can forget about comparing urserf to other classes
  10. hi senpai pls teach me how u do a sexy ice cream rob x4 background in ur profile right here

  11. i assume all of them are considered graves while only the 2 on the left are cross headstones
  12. maybe 1st ask when the winners are announced oh w8 jk rosal had only 1 guild idk who won :^) ok ok since am not always a fukboi and can be kind sometimes here's some useful link ayyy
  13. oh true i had some hunts in canopy village, so yh exception xd but don't remember about sakai
  14. #donatetorukai