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  1. iop/elio is broken, you can do anything with that osas are also broken so you could pair it with a sram and be capable of everything too
  2. elio is similar to cheating with how easy it makes stuff so you shouldnt have any issues
  3. the npc specifically said to get the contract near where the previous monsters were, so try dropping on [-66,29] and [-66,30]
  4. osas are like 10v1 so if you want wins you must pick osa
  5. they just need to attack something to get the state I believe, so as the cawwot can be attacked, they can get the state
  6. sram and feca can work since sram is borderline broken and feca has some broken spells too. i've also witnessed some success with eca/feca. both may be a little hard to play though!
  7. why do you hate summons
  8. iop/elio or osa/x and you can do any dungeon in the game in your sleep, should be able to financially stabilise yourself with the dungeon rewards you get and stuff
  9. didnt know 10v4 was considered solo
  10. I've been good this year Santa!
  11. well he's a part of the reason for the cra change, and from the post above you are apparently "salty" about it so I would think it did hurt you!
  12. what aspect of the game are you talking about enjoying? was it the "explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client explo x2 switch client" aspect? oh boy i can see how fun that would be, if only i could run 8 accs successfully to experience that joy
  13. its not the spell thats useless its your 8 cra teams that are now useless, you shouldn't speak for the mentally stable cras that realise this changes nothing except maybe an extra turn to finish a fight, or realise there are 20 or whatever other spells to use (also being much useful than explosive even pre-change)
  14. what kind of freak has a team of 8 cras