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  1. Hey there, I'm looking to sell my cute Jumbo Bow Meow. Price is set at 50M 45M - negotiable. PM me on Imps, in game (Seyif on Echo) or on the Dofus Discord server (also Seyif) ! Cheers, Seyif
  2. Very interesting post, the separation between casual mobile gamers and PC gamers is well thought. Eager to learn more about this project!
  3. Sacrier changes Available during the next Beta, might change again. - Punishments not linked to the Sacrier HP anymore but to the amount of turns (turn 1, turn 2, turn 3) he has been in that state - No more malus from Punishments - Bonus are changed : o Flayed man : augment only spell dmg 10/25/50% o Voyager : doesn’t disable LoS on spells, gives 1/2/2 MP, reduces dmg from distance taken of 10/20/30%, from the 3rd turn Sacrier can’t get locked o Survival : doesn’t augment HP, lock bonus 10/25/40, reduces melee dmg taken of 10/25/45% - Certain spells can be casted only in a specific punishment : o Convalescence only in Survival state : 1 cast/turn, doesn’t reduce dmg, heals better if Sacrier is under 50% hp o Punishment (spell) only in Flayed man : applies rooted state in addition o Transposition only in Voyager : no LoS required - Modifications on other spells : o Light Speed : No dodge bonus if the sacrier is below 50% hp, no dmg buff o Safe position : base damage are now life steal o Projection : base damage are now lfie steal o Blood bath : no more healing if the sacrier is below 50% hp o Lightweight : The MP bonus is replaced by a dmg bonus for 3 turns (can be summed up) o Sacrifice : Reverted to pre-revamp (AoE 2 cells, for 2 turns, 3 turns CD), range non modifiable 5 at lvl 6, no LoS - Sword change, now has different bonuses depending on the current Punishment of the sacrier : o Survival : dmg reduction, lock bonus o Voyager : MP bonus, unlockable, 2 attacks per turn o Flayed Man : dmg in AoE and bonus dmg o Overall Sword will have more base lock, more health and resistances depends on the Sacriers Punishment Source: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1587-table-ronde-sacrieur/2197368-beta-retours-refonte-sacrieur?poid=11801970
  4. Need this ! Here's my era
  5. Unstoppable Mavvo ! Good work as always.
  6. So with the dofus update, does anyone have cool builds they'd like to share ? Will Abyssal be like a primordial dofus to have in the inventory ? Any thoughts on Ochre buff ? Can it compete with Shaker ? Vulbis Dofus in end-game PVM with Cloudy (+30% final dmg) ?
  7. Good job Mavvo ! It's great !
  8. News from the french forum: "Good morning, with the server merge, we are going to instantiate houses and paddocks (several owners for the same good). Even if it doesn't really corresponds to the initial demand, this will multiply the number of houses/paddocks by 3 or 4 and will allow you to find one in a easier way" EDIT: "We will give you official informations soon about the server merging. The amount of servers heavily depends on the community but we are around 4/5 servers"
  9. I remember your thread on OF, keep making art. It looks gorgeous !
  10. "I've been good this year Santa"
  11. It's spanish xD Not too bad !
  12. So just tried this dungeon for several hours. Gonna try again soon. We tried first with 5 chars (Enu, Eni, Panda, Cra, Eca), sadly the extra mob his very hard to control. He jumps around a lot and putting him into gravity state doesn't prevent that. We tried after with 4 chars (Enu, Eni, Panda, Eca) and it seemed way more doable to control the various mobs. At some point we got the same setup as She-Devil with the panda taking care of the boss down the map. Sadly we made one mistake and Bandjid was able to kill us. The +50% final damage is atrocious, one small mistake and you're dead. Edit : Found this from the french players, 8-man team and finished in 28 mins.
  13. It is probably going to crash as it's a last minute feature they added without even testing. They're trying to get the bitter taste of the scarier revamp out of the way.
  14. Told you, you had to stay in Crowns Leaf... rip.