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  1. Hi, need x5, paying 5m ea. /w Elinor
  2. Bump. 5 left.
  3. Bump. 16 sold 8 to go
  4. Hi, 8x in stock. 40m/ea - /w Elinor or PM here if I'm not on IG.
  5. Sold. Can close
  6. @Zatoishwan I don't quite get it if it's sarcasm, but that's pretty easy to mage on that set.
  7. bump
  8. @Surtris This is the exact reason I put that note, cause I wasn't sure of its worth, so long story short, what ever it is, I'm ready to pay for it. @TheFook I am, will message u later tonight when I'm on.
  9. @Iamthenumberonenub Each dimension casually 2 days and the watchers 1 day so thats a full week of work.
  10. @Ability I'm sorry, should've been more specific so this kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore, but the wisdom is too low.
  11. Hi, gonna be buying a few items for now, and update later with some more stuff that I'm looking for. These are what I'm looking for so far: -Dreggon Helmet 260-280vit -> 38-55m -Tash Ring AP/MP 15-24m depending on stats (min. 195vit 48 str 24wis 4 crits 5 damage 10% neutral res 10% earth res 10 earth res 10 water res, pp isn't needed) -Tentashoes with 3% Fire Resistance 10-15m depending on stats (min. 345vit 58str 58agi 38wis 1mp 14 neu earth air dam 7% neu earth res 6 lock 5 ap red) -Heqaxe with 2% Water Resistance 8-15m depending on stats (min. 345 vit 58 str 58 agi 38wis 4 crits 1 summons 11 neu earth air dam 14 lock 15 psh dam and no pp required) -Sashucker with 2% Water Resistance 10-30m depending on stats (min. 345 vit 58 str 58 agi 35 wis 4 crits 11 neu earth air dam 10%fire res 10% air res 8lock 5 ap red) -Fugitive Ring with MP 25-35m depending on stats(min. 245 vit 48 str 48 agi 38 wisdom 14 power 11 neu earth air dam 10% fire res 7 [consider I'll pay a lot more for over vit + MP]) -Baleenaboots with 4% Fire Resistance 15-25m depending on stats(min. 340vit 57 str 57 agi 35 wis 1 ap 1 mp 11 neu earth air dam no pp 10% water res 6 dodge 15 cri res) -Crabtun Necklace with 4 % Fire Resistance 15-25m depending on stats(min. 490vit 95 str 45 wis 1 ap 19 neu earth dam 10% air res 14 lock no pp needed) -Kamasterisk Cloak with 3% Fire Resistance 10-15m depending on stats(min. 345vit 57str 57 agi 45 wis 1 range 1 summon 11 neu earth air dam no pp 6 ap loss 7% earth res 10% air res) -Queen of Thieves Belt with 3% Fire Resistance 10-20m depending on stats(min 340vit 65str 65 cha 35 wis 14 neu earth water dam 1 range 4 crits no pp 7% earth res 30 cri res) Also a note, I'm not exactly sure if I priced the items right, so if you think it's worth more feel free to give me an offer for it and I'll certainly consider it.
  12. bump
  13. @Professor I'll be on tonight
  14. @white cat 22 I don't really care about kamas, just need em asap
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