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  1. @Reggaxed Negative stats are worth half its sink, so in this case a single critical resistance is worth 1 sink.
  2. Bump, lowered prices slightly and added some new stuff. Currently at [0,1]
  3. only 10k left
  4. bump 60k left
  5. Selling in bulks, always trying to be cheaper than market and I give discount the more you buy. I've got about 100k of them left. Market price atm is about 19kk each so I'll go with 17kk each. /w Ashoo or Elinor
  6. Update: Talked to support about it, they said they need to see if anyone else has faced this bug aswell before taking any action.
  7. bump
  8. Would you please move this to Echo Server section? :)
  9. So I recently tried to convert my chars spell points into kolossokens and when I bought the SP from the NPC I didn't have them in my inventory, tried waiting 24h, relogging clearing cache etc. Does anyone have any idea what to do in this case or has faced this before? Thanks upfront
  10. bump
  11. Need two of these. Paying 35m each. /w Elinor
  12. updated the merch and moved to [0,1]
  13. bump
  14. What else'd you expect from a zero stat shield?
  15. bump