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  1. @WidowMaker I agree, 2% Range items suck :(
  2. What happens when you yolo in 4% attempts hehehe Also for sale if anyone's interested in it.
  3. @Demonuchiwa Not sure if this fits your needs but it should be cheap to overmage the vitality and get an MP gelano if you can of course. Goodluck! https://www.dofusplanner.com/Xv3mm/
  4. bump
  5. Most likely, you never know what Ankama has mind. :)
  6. It's gonna change tomorrow, everything that changes, changes on Tuesday.
  7. bump price lowered, also added 2x more AP Sponge shields.
  8. @Kyffles https://www.dofusplanner.com/hddri/edit/ Not sure if this surpasses your budget but should most likely be one of best options for pvm if you're going for cha/agi.
  9. Close pls.
  10. Hi, 500kk for the MP one nego a bit. 600kk for the AP ones, got two of those. Server Lacrima /w Summoner/Bajakovo
  11. Bump. We hit over 100 members yesterday!
  12. Depends what you're exactly doing, if you're looking at doing the dungeons with them it's probably not the best idea but if you want to farm xp with them, they're probably around cra level with their aoe damage, especially with the class item on.
  13. Bump. 59 new members in the first day! Still got place for more.
  14. We have just created the guild. There is no level restriction, so everyone is welcome to join our family! In order to join send a message to the following people: Summoner, Bajakovo, Rogue
  15. bump