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  1. "New effects on the final damage caused or sustained are added. These effects can be recovered via new runes by breaking shields. These runes can be used on other equipment than shields. " burst meta , fuk res exo and go for final dam exos now? @_@
  2. new sets pictures pl0x
  3. This guy consistently pm's my Characters and now he's found his way into my subconscious ... Ughhh so this just happened while I was asleep (dreaming) Twas a simple day in-game when I saw one of my close friends go to Iop Statue , stripping himself of his equips Then I receive a pm from the said friend... "Is it true you're a hacker? why are you reported in the forums?" LOL.
  4. idk how much they go for , thinking around 5mk or negotiate.
  5. hopefully more stuff to mimi xD
  6. http://dofp.la/9MEGu/ can replace vigour with cloudy inky to xa - ochre to cloudy - nomad to ice 12/5 though - gotta fix res so everything looks perfectly divisible by 5 if it has 31 res either make it 35 or mage off that 1 res that would trigger somebody's ocd *whistles*
  7. they're probs gonna just scrape it off , and replace "Summoning of Dopple" with an option to level one of your spells to level 7 an Ex Version perhaps? xD
  8. awmg someone please show/post them xD
  9. Holy shiet
  10. bump , taking offers.
  11. Looking for around 40m pm me ingame -Sorcery
  12. Koutoulou w/ Ench/Koji only took 87 tries LOL.
  13. The costume fits the female feca , meanwhile on others hmmmm ....
  14. what the fork.. ggw-fk'n-p
  15. Me and a couple of dofus friends are looking for a good game to play that doesn't need much grinding , something that falls on the genre of Survival/Coop should be fun So far we got this, Horror would be nice , screaming at skype and all