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  1. Gz pleasure to let you use my brain for achievs np
  2. 420
  3. She didnt change the count but started to work on something different nothing dofus related this time but with a huge size of A1 and completly drawn with wooden pencils
  4. The blue shading is what she has in mind too atm also she thinks of colouring the elements that shine in light blue:)
  5. So heres a updated version what count looks like now^^ She's not sure yet if to colour it or not so pls share your opinion :P
  6. Count incoming
  7. Soo my Gf drawed my Char for me today, she doesnt like it too much but it think its pretty nicely done :P Hope shes up for some more Dofus drawing :D
  8. Vortex second try with cra eni hupp sadi
  9. Belly duo with cra/sadi, what a shit dungeon needed about 40 tries
  10. Didnt count but should be somewhere between 10-20 was pretty high so cant remeber xD And yeh im proud of no achiev done with rogue or elio yet which wont change :D
  11. Queen first, took about 10 tries