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  1. What are some good solo spots for an int osa of level 199 to level up? Thanks!
  2. Hey, I plan on returning to dofus after being on and off for 10 years or so. I've got a conflict of interest in either playing on the Echo server or one of the new mono servers. I've put so much time into characters from multiple accounts and have items that are unavailable now on the Echo server and it would be a shame to let it go to waste but I also love the look of playing on one of the new mono servers where I can finally really play the game as its meant to be, with others and I like the idea of having a fresh start. What mono servers have the largest player base and the largest english speaking community? also, what are the reasons you have chosen to play on the server of your choice to maybe help me make a choice. Thanks!
  3. Class: Feca Build: Anything - a few set build/set ideas would be great Kamas/time available: Any amount Lvl range: 192
  4. Ones with a pulse.
  5. Good for the price, fast and responsive.
  6. Class: Sadida Level range: 184-190 Build: Int/cha/str (I'll be using a Karmeleon mount) Budget: 15mk Oriented: PvM
  7. Finished my promos 7 - 3 and achieved platinum 5 a few months ago and have decided to play ranked now and I honestly can't find it enjoyable currently. There's the same six bans and I don't know, some roles feel useless such as both bot lane roles and whenever one of the 6 priority bans aren't actually banned, the game feels unbalanced because of the power of these champions, especially Garen in which he is rewarded for losing in lane because of the villain mechanic. I think I'll wait until next patch to go for diamond because currently it's frustrating. :(
  8. I did see that and there's no reason to assume I didn't. That's way out of my price range, which is why I posted.
  9. Class: Sadida Level: 150 Build: Wisdom spec at the moment but will like to go either int/cha or omni but I doubt at this level it's easy to pull off so int/cha is fine. Kamas Available: Around 10ish mk but looking for the cheapest but best build I can do. Extra comments: Just need a good int/cha/wis set that I can use until later levels.
  10. Lyte has said further that it's only the most toxic of players, those that have received over 7 day bans, has chat/ranked restrictions at the end of the season and those with loads of low priority queues at the of the season. I guess I'm fine with that as it rewards players who have reformed since the start of the season and those that are still toxic don't get shit and people who might have dc'd a few times don't have their ranked rewards stripped off them. I think that's a better idea than what he originally said.
  11. I don't really see any reason why a player being toxic should strip them of ranked rewards when they've worked for them rewards. I think it was good of riot to reward non-toxic players with a free champion and not rewarding toxic players with it but stripping a player from their achievements because they are toxic isn't helpful in anyway. It also doesn't help that riot has a less than functioning honour system that no one uses any more.
  12. The new Juggernaut update is pretty great. I'm loving the Darius changes, he's extremely fun although I doubt he will be viable in competitive play because he still has the same weaknesses of old Darius.
  13. Awesome guild! I recommend everyone to join!
  14. Thanks! I had quite a lot of different characters, none of them max level. Beheld. I'll give you 50k in Zimbabwean dollars instead. ;)
  15. Hey, I'm starting to play Dofus again after playing it on and off for the past 7 to 8 years and having played originally on Shika, I'm now playing on Rushu with a new Sadida (Heems) and Xelor (Rudimental), and it's been fun so far. I'm also occasionally playing Wakfu on Remington. Thanks, nice to meet you all!